Commencement Name Verification and Ticketing FINAL REMINDER!!

Hello Graduate!  
We noticed that you have not submitted your Name Verification and Ticketing Information. We are sending out one final reminder that unclaimed tickets for commencement will be LOST. We noticed that the form closed at midnight this morning April 26th. We have decided to extend the deadline until 11:59pm April 26th. After this deadline, you will be unable to claim tickets or change your name pronunciation.

NOTE: If you requested a change on your Marching Order, it should be changed by the time you log in.
To login to your registration page, follow the steps below. 
NOTE: If you are not planning on participating in commencement, feel free to disregard this email.
1) Click this link and create your password: LINK HERE (note this link was unique to each student)
Note: The password link above is unique to your account, do not forward to others.
2) Log in and complete the registration process.
3) You may return to the site anytime by going to the platform and using this email address:
(Note: Graduates' emails had unique CSUN email address in this section)

Also, if you have not had the chance, please review the commencement resources to help you better prepare for this year’s Commencement. There you will find the Name Verification and Ticketing Tutorial which we strongly recommend for you to review. Most questions you have about the Ceremonies will be found there.

If you have any other questions of concerns, please connect with us at

Commencement Staff