Commencement Name Verification and Ticketing (Class of 2022)

Hello Matador,
Just a few weeks until we celebrate you at your commencement... Hooray! Your California State University, Northridge Commencement ceremony will take place on ***May 20, 2022, May 21, 2022, May 23, 2022, May 24, 2022

A Commencement name verification and ticketing platform (Marching Order) has been created for you to provide a professional way to both see and hear your name as it is called out during your ceremony.  The steps below will assist you in creating your account on the platform. Once an account is created you will navigate (and complete) three simple sections surrounding your name and ticketing information.  
NOTE: This is for your commencement ceremony only and not for diploma purposes.   

To access this platform follow the steps below.  

1) Click this link and create your password: **Set Password Here
Note: The password link above is unique to your account, do not forward to others.
2) Log in and complete all sections of name verification and ticketing. 
3) You may return to the site anytime by going to the Login Page and using your csun email address.

Please click here to access the 'Name Verification and Ticketing Tutorial' 


**Since each graduate email was sent a unique link we are unable to provide a link above. 
***Date was personalized in the direct email, and based off a graduate's College/Major