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Developing Global Accessibility Awareness at Amazon

Charli Riggle and Emily Turnbull are Senior Accessibility Program Managers at Amazon. Six years ago, after only 4 months at Amazon, Charli Riggle launched Global Accessibility Awareness Month (GAAM). Charli joined Amazon as a technical writer with the Retail Accessibility team. She was tasked with writing training materials, documentation, and the like to help Amazon engineers create durably accessible experiences. She realized right away that documentation and training were not the places she needed to start; she needed to start with awareness. This was the beginning of GAAM. GAAM is a worldwide event series offering a full month of technical talks, podcasts, videos, and workshops related to accessibility. With a small team of volunteers, GAAM has grown from a 12-session event during the first year in 2016 to a 60 -session event in 2021. While Charli will take you through the past, Emily Turnbull, current GAAM lead, will take the audience through the current state, what the future holds for GAAM, and tips and tricks for holding their own awareness campaign.  
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Charli Riggle & Emily Turnbull, Senior Accessibility Program Managers at Amazon, will share the history and future of Global Accessibility Awareness Month. You will learn the importance of raising awareness, tips, and tricks for launching your own campaign, and how this grass roots campaign became Amazon’s largest accessibility event.  
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  • Emily Turnbull
  • Charli Riggle

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