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Including Accessibility with Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity

Leaders within the educational ecosystem are rightly privileging issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity (DE&I), but - despite the underlying intention to put achievement within reach of all students - they often omit accessibility as a part of those conversations. We believe that DE&I means the inclusion of - and an opportunity to succeed for - everyone, including those with disabilities. We will therefore take a closer look at various definitions of DE&I to provide strategies on how to ensure accessibility is a part of those priorities. Further, we will provide real-world examples of how to achieve this inclusion, with a focus on educational content and digital accessibility. We will look at emerging industry trends relative to DE&I, specifically in the education and technology spaces. We will review real-world curricula to understand how accessibility is being addressed (or not) and provide strategies for how to ensure accessibility is included. This will include a focus on content, design, and educational technologies. At Magic EdTech, we focus on building content and technologies to be born accessible. Our motto is “Digital Learning for Everyone.” We lead by example, with a diverse, multicultural, multi-abled workforce. We have been leaders in creating and remediating accessible technologies in the EdTech space for almost 30 years. Our subject-matter experts have diverse backgrounds and consider all users in their writing. Our team includes IAAP-certified experts in accessibility who focus on inclusion every day.  
  • Higher Education
  • K-12 Education
  • Media & Publishing
  • Employment & Human Resources
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How is accessibility incorporated into the definition of diversity, inclusion, and equity for your company, your program, or your classroom? We will talk about different ways to ensure the rights of people of all abilities are included in these conversations and definitions.  
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  • Design
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  • Digital Accessibility
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  • Eric Stano
    Magic EdTech
  • Erin Evans
    Magic EdTech

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