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Inclusive Design for Brain Fog and Long-Haul COVID

How do you design for someone that has been impacted by long-term COVID? What can we learn from customer research about this disease‚Äôs combination of fatigue, difficulty focusing on content, and short-term memory loss? This presentation presents inclusive design strategies for understanding this collection of disabilities and how to improve the experience for all customers. COVID-19 has changed our world and physically altered the bodies of people who have recovered from the disease. Many people have long-term effects caused by damages to the lungs, heart, and other body organs. These symptoms are similar to chronic fatigue, chemotherapy brain fog, and auto-immune diseases. COVID has forced the world to re-imagine day-to-day life, work environments, and shifting to a virtual interface. But the long-term effects of COVID could make online activities more difficult. Intuit is a customer-focused company, and research was needed to understand how to make our financial software easier for small business owners and accountants with long-term COVID effects. This presentation will share customer research insights, key concerns, animation/motion, establishing the areas on a screen that need attention, and reducing eye fatigue. While focusing on COVID, these issues are important to all customers.  
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For many people, recovering from COVID has been a long process. They continue to experience fatigue, pain, and “brain fog”. Brain fog affects a person’s ability to concentrate on tasks and short term memory loss. This session shares inclusive design research and best practices for COVID and brain fog.  
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  • Ted Drake
  • Pamela Bingham

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