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Leveraging Windows 10 Accessibility Features for the AT User

Assistive Technology (AT) users have an increasingly large suite of accessibility settings adjustments and features in Windows 10 and Microsoft Office they can modify to make their overall computing experience more accessible and usable. While the tools built into Windows and Microsoft Office have come a long way, they may not necessarily replace paid AT solutions for all environments and situations. iYellow Access has been configuring Windows PCs for persons with disabilities for nearly 40 years for persons with wide-ranging disabilities in home, school, and work situations. One of our most seasoned AT Specialists will be sharing our knowledge through the many hundreds of hours he has spent working with persons with disabilities, configuring their systems to meet their diverse needs. This session will discuss some of the latest accessibility tools in Windows 10 and Microsoft Office in the following five areas: • Blindness • Low Vision • Motor • Neurodiversity Each feature will be demonstrated in real-time, and the entire presentation with a summary of all features discussed will be provided in an electronic handout.  
  • Higher Education
  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Disability Specific
  • K-12 Education
  • Government
Audience Level
Session Summary (Abstract)
This session will provide detailed knowledge through demonstration and an electronic handout of key accessibility features built-in to Windows 10 and Microsoft Office for people who are blind or low vision, neurodiverse, or experience motor difficulties.  
Session Type
General Track  
  • Blind/Low Vision
  • Cognitive & Learning Disabilities
  • Education
  • Employment & Workplace
  • Information & Communications Technology (ICT)


  • Harris Rosensweig
    iYellow Access

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