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A Journey into Designing Accessible Employment Practices

People with disabilities traditionally represent one of the communities with the highest unemployment numbers around the world. This is despite growing evidence that they are loyal and innovative employees. Whenever I speak to people about this issue everyone takes a very narrow focus on the problem. They either focus on a particular disability or a single stage of the hiring process such as just the job advertising platform or onboarding. With this presentation I’m going to take a wholistic view of the journey of employing people with disability. Some of the key stages I’ll be looking at include how to make content of adverts inclusive, hiring platforms accessible, conduct interviews without bias and build supportive onboarding practices. As I go through this journey I will also discuss how these processes can be improved for a diverse range of people with disabilities to better meet their needs and preferences. The practices I will be discussing are based on the research and experiences employing people at Intopia. This has resulted in Intopia having a higher than normal representation of the disability/neurodiversity (30%) and LGBTQIA+ (12%) communities in our team. As with all of my presentations, they will be fun, informative, filled with stories and entertaining. For example did you hear the one about an organisation who couldn’t understand why a job candidate for a software developer position was asking if anyone was allergic to dogs prior to attending an interview?  
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Lets go on an entertaining journey to look at how we can make all stages of the employment process inclusive for everyone. I’ll walk through the key stages of this journey including advert content, hiring platforms, interviews and onboarding.  
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Employment & Workplace  
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  • Stewart Hay

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