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Retinal Imaging Digital Camera as New Low Vision Aid

Date & Time
Wednesday, March 16, 2022 - 4:20 PM PST  
Platinum 9-10  

Low vision refers to the state of "visual acuity of 0.3 or less in the better-seeing eye even when wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses," according to the WHO definition with 250 million people worldwide. There are various eye diseases, such as anterior corneal and ocular disease, retinopathy, and glaucoma, with significant individual differences leading to low vision. Low vision aids such as magnifying reading machines, magnifying glasses, loupe, and the like are prevalent. However, these tools are not always satisfactory in their limited use, operational issues, and not being suitable for all users. QD Laser has employed our world's only retinal imaging laser technology to provide low vision people with more freedom of action, work, and daily life.

In this session, we will report on the world's first low vision aid prototype that uses a laser retinal projection device as a viewfinder for a digital camera. This viewfinder greatly expands the viewing angle projected onto the fundus retina from 26 degrees of the Retissa Medical & Display to 60 degrees and projects a focused image in the peripheral region of the fundus. In conjunction with the high-magnification optical zoom of the digital camera, this device is expected to realize a significant improvement in how to see for quite a few patients with retinopathy. We will introduce the principle of the device, what can be done, safety, impact on the life of low vision people, voices and videos of experienced people, and demonstrate the device.

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Audience Level
Session Summary (Abstract)
A digital camera with a retinal imaging viewfinder is introduced as a low vision aid. The presentation includes the device's function, specification, principle, safety, and impact on the life of low vision people. Videos of users and the device demonstration will be included.  
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General Track  
  • Blind/Low Vision
  • Education
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Healthcare & Rehabilitation
  • Mobile Technology


  • Yuria Shoji
    QDLaser, Inc.

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