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36th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference Has Concluded


A block of General, Exhibitor and Journal Track sessions will premiere each day starting on Tuesday, March 9 through Friday, March 12, 2021. Once a session premieres, it will be viewable on-demand until 5:00 PM PST on Sunday, March 14, 2021.

Session blocks will be released at the following times:

  • Tuesday, March 9 at 10:00 AM PST
  • Wednesday, March 10 at 9:00 AM PST
  • Thursday, March 11 at 9:00 AM PST
  • Friday, March 12 at 9:00 AM PST

Each day there will be a few select sessions that will include live Q&A with the presenters and will not premiere on the block schedule. These sessions will premiere on a daily session schedule at specific times. The sessions with live Q&A will be available on-demand after their premiere day and time.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Sessions Followed by Live Questions and Answers

Time Session Track/Topic Presenter(s)
10:00 AM PST Improve User Experience and Minimizing Risk with User Flows Law & Policy Matt Feldman
David Sloan
11:00 AM PST Real World to Web: Evolving the Vispero Escape Room Education Jean Ducrot
Ian Lloyd
1:20 PM PST Research Efforts to Improve Accessible Telecommunications Law & Policy Reeta Singh
Mark Pfaff
2:20 PM PST Master Class in Designing for Accessibility Employment & Workplace JoAnna Hunt
3:20 PM PST Online Learning Supports for Literacy and STEM Education Rachel Kruzel

Sessions Premiering at 10:00 AM PST

Session Track/Topic Presenter(s)
3D-Printed Keyguards – Your Gateway to 3D-Printed AT Education Ken Hackbarth
A Hybrid Approach to Effective Testing and Remediation Education Juan Olarte
Mark Jackson
Caroline Desrosiers
Accessibility for Design Systems Employment & Workplace Tyler Krupicka
Kendall Gassner
Accessibility in Google Meeting & Voice Products Independent Living Roger Benz
Anna Cavender
Annie Mui
Accessibility of Custom User Interface (UI) Components Education Vinod Tiwari
Bora Eryilmaz
Accessible Image Cropping Tools Employment & Workplace Stephen Om
Lalitha Nandanavanam
William Stanton
ARIA-AT: Measuring and Improving AT Support of ARIA Employment & Workplace Matthew King
Michael Fairchild
Boaz Sender
Assessing Product Usability for People with Disabilities Independent Living Jennifer Devins
Mandeep Chahal
Pavithra Ramasamy
Audio Description and the Law: Implications for 2021 & Beyond Law & Policy Art Morgan
Michael VanHal
AutoCAD Accessibility for the Blind User Education Patrick Sturdivant
Jonathan Hamm
Automated Transcribing for Instructional Captioning Education Li Liu
Timothy Spengler
ChattyBook: Making Math Accessible for Online Education Education Katsuhito Yamaguchi
Creating Digital and Accessible Math for Diverse Learners Education Louis Shanafelt
Ryan Graham
Developing a Roadmap for Disability Inclusion at Work Employment & Workplace Colleen Wood
Jill Houghton
Developing Reusable React Widgets Employment & Workplace Sam Smith
Amrit Bhullar
Digital Accessibility Trends: 2021 Update Education Tim Springer
Effortless Microsoft Word Remediation and Compliance Law & Policy Ligia Mora
Enablers for Accessible Smart Mobility Transportation Petteri Alinikula
Elina Jokisuu
Azra Tayyebi
Enhancing the Aural Reading Experience Education Joel Riley
Rain Michaels
Erin Buehler
Getting to the Core: Debunking Myths About Core AAC Vocab Education Beth Poss
Kelly Fonner
Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Accessibility Improvements Education NM Amadeo
Leyla Mizrahi
Jazbel Wang
Haptic Paradigms for Multimodal Interactive Simulations Education Jennifer Tennison
Emily Moore
Jesse Greenberg
Hiru: The First Multi-Platform Eye Tracker in the World Independent Living Eduardo Jauregui
Ane Arzamendi
HPs New Hardware Accessibility Testing Guide Education Sam Ogami
Laura Renfro
Journey Toward Accessibility Employment & Workplace Keith Bundy
Tobias Christian Jensen
Just Ask Me, I Will Do It Education Sriram Ramanathan
Roxana Fischer
Making Design & Fonts More Accessible with Material Design Independent Living Karen Kawing Ng
Michael Gilbert
Marek Jeziorek
Making Web Applications Accessible: Case of MATLAB Online Education Bora Eryilmaz
Vinod Tiwari
Navigating the Universe of Online Learning with Fusion Education Rachel Buchanan
NaviLens: A New Kind of QR Code That Can Be Read at 40 feet Independent Living Javier Pita
NCAM and GBH News Innovate Access to Images in Journalism Education Bryan Gould
Meredith Nierman
Ellen London
Optimizing Design Operations for Inclusive User Experiences Employment & Workplace Gary Aussant
Michael Beauchamp
Real-Time Sign Detection for Accessible Indoor Navigation Independent Living James Coughlan
Rebuilding Workday Tables for Accessibility Employment & Workplace Ivan Stynes
Simon Keating
Scaling Accessibility on the New Entertainment & Leisure Jonathan Yung
Tatiana Iskandar
Section 508 ICT Testing Baseline and Alignment Framework Law & Policy Andrew Nielson
Michael Horton
The Power of JAWS Employment & Workplace Matt Ater
Tips on Designing and Developing an Inclusive Website Employment & Workplace Dennis Lembree
Title Attribute with Screen Reader & Keyboard Accessibility Employment & Workplace Rushana Doole
Translating Movement to Language: Audio Description Entertainment & Leisure Joel Snyder
Truly Empowering Independence, an Introduction to Low Vision Education Mike Wood
Usability of Audio Matrix Microtasks for Screen Reader Users Employment & Workplace Ying Zhong
Using the ARC Platform to Manage Real Life Accessibility Employment & Workplace Mark Miller
Kurt Mattes
Steven Hamilton
Web Quick Fix Tools: How They May Still Leave You Vulnerable Employment & Workplace David Herr
Jacob Riff
What's New in Android Accessibility Independent Living Joseph Johnson
Sally Yuen
Ameer Armaly

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Sessions Followed by Live Questions and Answers

Time Session Track/Topic Presenter(s)
9:00 AM PST Section 508 Accessibility Through the Acquisition Lifecycle Law & Policy Betsy Sirk
John Sullivan
10:00 AM PST What's New in JAWS 2021 Education Eric Damery
11:00 AM PST Accessibility Testing of User Journeys Using JAWS Entertainment & Leisure Larry Lewis
1:20 PM PST What's New with Google Home & Google Assistant Independent Living Kiran Kaja
Theo Goguely
2:20 PM PST Accessibility Conformance Reports Using the VPAT Law & Policy Michele Van Doozer
Mary Jo Mueller
Sam Ogami
3:20 PM PST Alexa for Everyone: Innovating with Our Customers Independent Living David Frerichs
4:20 PM PST Do-It-Yourself AT: 3D Printing and Other Maker Solutions Independent Living Chad Leaman

Sessions Premiering at 9:00 AM PST

Session Track/Topic Presenter(s)
8 Ways to Make Any Information Accessible and Inclusive Employment & Workplace Kamran Khan
Accessibility at UHC: Creating Change in Healthcare Law & Policy Sudha Rajan
Frances Boehnlein
Katie Reinarts
Accessibility Natives – Growing Up Expecting Access Independent Living Peter Korn
Accessible Coding Tools for All Ages: APH's Road to Code Employment & Workplace Greg Stilson
Accessible Procurement: Stories from the Trenches Law & Policy Sarah Pulis
May-Fei Lee
Aligning the Team Effort Toward Accessible Content Education Jeffrey Singleton
Ken Nakata
APH's Next 5 Years of Low Vision Technology Development Employment & Workplace Anne Durham
Craig Meador
Are AI Based Apps Smart Enough for College Students? Education Catherine Fichten
Mary Jorgensen
Baking Accessibility into Design at Workday Employment & Workplace Sam Smith
Erica Ellis
Emma Siegel
Best Practices for Techs and Accessibility Education Kevin Cleppe
Born Accessible Campus: Buy & Build Born Accessible Content Education Charles LaPierre
George Kerscher
BrailleSense Polaris-Its Professional and Educational Uses Employment & Workplace Thomas Simpson
Mike Tindell
Chemistry Lab-Developing an Accessible Online Lab Simulation Education Crista Earl
Dustin Politica
Alkis Vlasis
Cohesive Instruction, Measured Learning the Keys to Success Employment & Workplace Mark Nelson
Collaboration Driving Advances in Indoor Wayfinding Independent Living Mike May
Shane Silver
Jameson Detweiler
Competitors in Business, Collaborators in Accessibility Employment & Workplace Mike McCabe
Jeff Wissel
Dina Grilo
Explore Your Environment and Navigate Confidently Independent Living Rolande Saliba
Peter Tucic
Exploring Experiences of UX Professionals in Accessibility Education Nandita Gupta
Fast Communication for Medical Staff & Patients Who Are Deaf Independent Living Emma Curry
Getting Started with Excel Accessibility Law & Policy Aaron Farber
Getting the Business Case for Accessibility Approved Employment & Workplace Blair MacPherson
Kathy Lovell
How Can I Use Description Services? Employment & Workplace Brian Gebhart
Tyler Purdy
How We Do Our Work Matters Education Derek Featherstone
Inclusive COVID Map Viewer Independent Living Brandon Biggs
James Coughlan
Inclusive Teaching Practices in Science Education Education Mahadeo Sukhai
Ainsley Latour
Increasing Access in LMSs, Lockdown Testing Browsers & More Education Rachel Kruzel
Kathleen Colburn
Life’s Possibilities by Choosing the Proper Assistive Technology Employment & Workplace Kimberly Cline
Magnification Solutions for Visually Impaired Students Independent Living Tim Gels
Making the Physical World More Accessible with Lookout Independent Living Andreina Reyna
Tommy Szalapski
Catherine Idylle
Mobile Automated Testing and Actionable Reporting for A11y Independent Living Alex Beggs
Sami Amran-Bouchebaba
Vivian Santos
More Than Just Webinars, It’s Certified Continuing Education Education Mike Wood
MS Excel: Data Validation and Fill-In Series Tools Explained Education Arif Syed
MultiDisciplinary AT Team in Singapore Employment & Workplace Pei Yun Tong
Nothing Without Us: Canada’s Accessibility Strategy Law & Policy Luna Bengio
Jeffrey Stark
Olympian’s Real-Life Perspective on Healthcare Accessibility Independent Living Jan Smith Reed
Lex Gillette
OrCam - Empowering People with Personal AI Devices Independent Living Bryan Wolynski
Postsecondary Education Experiences of Students with VI Education Mahadeo Sukhai
Present Like a Pro, Use JAWS to Create Pro Presentations Employment & Workplace Elizabeth Whitaker
Reading for All with EPUB for K-12 Education Luis Perez
Christine Jones
Remote Learning for Children with Complex Disabilities Education Dana Cappel
Section 508 Questions and Answers in 2021 Law & Policy Michael Horton
Share&Care: A Family Interaction App for Older Adults Independent Living Jin Chen
Sony and Accessibility Entertainment & Leisure Mike Nejat
Successfully Remediating Dynamic Content with a Small Team Education Najia Sabir
Olga Slobodyanyuk
Teach Access - 2021 Update Education Kate Sonka
Laura Allen
Larry Goldberg
Technology Making Employment a Reality: Challenges & Success Employment & Workplace Mika Pyyhkala
The ADHD Coach That’s in Your Smartphone Education Anick Legault
Alice Havel
The Hidden Cost of Outsourcing Your Digital Development Law & Policy Ben Tillyer
The User Experience of Braille and Assistive Technology Education Belinda Rudinger
Tips for Creating an Accessibility Requirements Generator Education Joe Burkhart
Touchless Kiosks, How Can They Be Accessible for the Blind? Independent Living Matt Ater
Laura Miller
Understanding Pointer Cancellation Education Christina Adams
Usable Navigation: Links, Menus, and the Choices In-Between Education Jennifer Gauvreau
Karen Herndon
WCAG Translated into HTML and CSS Code Education Scott Chandler

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Sessions Followed by Live Questions and Answers

Time Session Track/Topic Presenter(s)
9:00 AM PST A Deeper Dive Into VPATs (With Exceptions) Employment & Workplace Corbb O’Connor
Tobias Christian Jensen
10:00 AM PST Creating an Inclusive Experience for Kiosk Users Independent Living Ryan Jones
Kelsey Hall
11:00 AM PST Shopping Online and In-Store with Alexa Independent Living Fabio Sacca
Bennett Hornbostel
1:20 PM PST Chrome & Chrome OS Accessibility Updates Independent Living Akihiro Ota
Abigail Klein
Dominic Mazzoni
2:20 PM PST Kiosk Accessibility: Building an Accessible Kiosk Independent Living Laura Miller
Rachael Bradley
3:20 PM PST Amazon at Home & On the Go: What’s New, Improved & Improving Independent Living Peter Korn
4:20 PM PST From Empathy to Research with People with Disability Education Sarah Pulis
Andrew Arch

Sessions Premiering at 9:00 AM PST

Session Track/Topic Presenter(s)
A Universal Design Framework for Addressing IT Accessibility Education Sheryl Burgstahler
A11y Research: From Stakeholder Buy-In to Insights Delivery Employment & Workplace Melissa Barnhart
Shannon Holloway
Emily Fritz
Accessible Design of Technology for Informal STEM Learning Education Scott Bellman
Sheryl Burgstahler
Accessible Math in the Classroom, Virtual and Hybrid Education Lisa Wadors Verne
Ahrash Bissell
Application of 3D Printing Technology for Non-Visual Learners Education Anitha Muthukumaran
Automated Accessibility Testing Tools for Android & iOS Independent Living Casey Burkhardt
Sid Janga
Awareness of Recurrent Education on the Visually Impaired Education Takahiro Miura
Bringing Accessibility to Living Room: Sony Android TV Independent Living Hyehoon Yi
Julia Aceves
Elwyn Crawford
Compliant to Delightful: Optimizing A11y with Design Employment & Workplace Alexis Lucio
Cody Coats
Simarjeet Kaur
Connecting When We’re Not Together, Work Remotely w/Fusion Employment & Workplace Elizabeth Whitaker
Considerations for Accessible Multilingual Websites Education Aimee Hannaford
Consumer Psychology and Assistive Tech: What We Know So Far Employment & Workplace Michael Janger
Developing Accessible VR Video for Severe Visual Impairments Independent Living Kurtis Weir
Disability, Technology-Based Communication, and Loneliness Entertainment & Leisure Raeda Anderson
John Morris
ElBraille, Reimagining Access to Windows with Braille Education Ron Miller
Electric Scooters and Blind People: A Healthy Mix? Transportation Robin Spinks
Future Workplaces Enabled by Inclusive Extended Reality (XR) Employment & Workplace Bill Curtis-Davidson
Elizabeth Hyman
Mike Shebanek
How to Develop a Higher-Ed Document Accessibility Strategy Education Adam Spencer
Inclusive Documents: Find, Validate & Remediate Independent Living Dennis Quon
Mackenzie Banks
Introducing Bonocle: A Pocket-Sized Entertainment Platform Entertainment & Leisure Ramy Soliman
Introducing UC's Word and Acrobat Accessibility Guide Education Douglas Harriman
Lessons Learned by EdTech for Inclusive Online Classrooms Education Elizabeth Simister
Leveraging Video Accessibility Services in the Workplace Employment & Workplace Michael VanHal
Making Alexa Accessible for People with Impaired Speech Independent Living Sara Smolley
Mission Impossible? Creating a Dynamic Tactile Device Education Greg Stilson
Mobile Accessibility Testing Guidelines Law & Policy Gian Wild
Mobile Apps Accessibility, Beyond TalkBack and VoiceOver Entertainment & Leisure Mohit Goenka
Nikita Varma
New Accessibility Products & Features from Google Independent Living Eve Andersson
Christopher Patnoe
Pearson-T-Base Accessible Textbook Catalog: Benefits Education Jeff Jullion
Doug Hacker
Possibility of Voice UI for the Visually-Impaired Education Masayo Tsurumi
Manabi Miyagi
Semantic Locators: Stable, Readable, A11y Web UI Tests Employment & Workplace Alex Lloyd
Damien Engels
Sensee: Contents Provided for Everyone - a Kindle for the Blind Education Jayden Lee
Survey of User Needs: eGaming and People with Disabilities Entertainment & Leisure Raeda Anderson
John Morris
Teaching, Tracking, Succeeding-Successful Product Mastering Education Andrew Flatres
Peter Tucic
The Marketer's Guide to Accessibility Education Brad Henry
Marissa Sapega
Tips for Designing an Accessible Course Education Sheryl Burgstahler
Using Assistive Technology Instead of Mainstream Devices Education Eric Beauchamp
Visually Impaired? Remain Independent with GuideConnect! Independent Living Steve Bennett
Web Accessibility - A Litigation Perspective Law & Policy Ken Nakata
What’s New in Fusion and ZoomText 2021 Education Eric Damery

Friday, March 12, 2021

Sessions Followed by Live Questions and Answers

Time Session Track/Topic Presenter(s)
9:00 AM PST Continuous Accessibility Law & Policy Chase Aucoin
10:00 AM PST Audio Descriptions for All at Amazon Entertainment & Leisure Daniel Kocmarek
11:00 AM PST Educational Technology and Students with Visual Impairments Education Mahadeo Sukhai
1:20 PM PST Microsoft Teams and JAWS Employment & Workplace Matt Ater
2:20 PM PST Digital Care During COVID-19: Expanding Disability Access Independent Living Mark Stimson
Kayton Bhatia
3:20 PM PST Tips for Using Google Workspace Products Gmail, Chat and Groups Employment & Workplace Roger Benz
Matthew Millett
Michael Mello
4:20 PM PST Automated Remediation, Validation and Tracking Process Independent Living Ligia Mora
Doug Koppenhofer

Sessions Premiering at 9:00 AM PST

Session Track/Topic Presenter(s)
Accessibility from 1 to 10,000 Employees Employment & Workplace Michael Blume
Accessibility in an Agile Methodology Employment & Workplace Helen Burge
Accessibility of Online Conferences Education Terrill Thompson
Brianna Blaser
Lucy Greco
Accessibility Testing Results for 3 Top-Rated mHealth Apps Independent Living Erin Radcliffe
Ben Lippincott
Accessibility Through Design Systems Education Rajesh Kalidindi
Accessible Design and Research Education Jennifer Devins
Marco Lobato
Accessible Smart TVs Entertainment & Leisure Cathy Rundle
Steve Tyler
Accessible Technology Training in Higher Ed Institutions Education Björn Fisseler
An Accessibility Insights Board to Promote Inclusive Design Education Ayse Ece Karakus
Android Accessibility for Users with Dexterity Impairments Independent Living Anna Galusza
Lauren Winston
Kristi Lee
Baking Accessibility into Agile Education Elizabeth Whitmer
Pavani Gonuguntla
Bracing Yourself for an Office of Civil Rights Investigation Law & Policy Travis Lee
Carolanne Link
Sal Santa Ana
Carousels - Just Don't, But Sometimes You Have To Education Brian Elton
Charts Accessible for Blind Users - Music, Haptics and Voice Education Sukriti Chadha
Yatin Kaushal
CloverBook: Portable, Foldable Video Magnifier Education Jeff Gardner
Controlling Your Assistive Tech with Your Voice Education Elizabeth Whitaker
Mike Wood
Deaf & Hearing Communicate Using UbiDuo Without Interpreter Education Emma Curry
Deaf & Hearing: Quick & Easy Workplace Communication Employment & Workplace Emma Curry
Developing Apps to Meet Clinical Challenges Education Dana Cappel
Digital Accessibility and Videos - Why It’s Important Education Deborah Harman
Evan Yamanishi
Engaging w/Deaf & Hard of Hearing Customers & Employees Employment & Workplace Craig Radford
Vannessa LeBoss
Ensuring Accessible Content in Your Course Education Rick Johnson
Michael Johnson
Evaluating Cognitive Complexity of Algebraic Equations Education Akashdeep Bansal
From C- to A+: Improving Grades with Note-Taking Technology Education Katherine Hamilton
Google Accessibility Trusted Tester Program Independent Living Annie Mui
Austin Hertell
Dimitri Proano
Hosting Inclusive Online Presentations, Meetings & Classes Employment & Workplace Meaghan Roper
Amy Salmon
How 2020 Changed The Future of Accessibility For Good Education Scott Ready
How to Make Educational Video WCAG 2 AA-Compliant Education Art Morgan
Michael VanHal
Improving Automatic Speech Recognition Education Robert MacDonald
Inclusive Design for Sickle Cell Disease Independent Living Ted Drake
Pamela Bingham
Inclusive Telework, Today and Tomorrow Employment & Workplace Corinne Weible
Bill Curtis-Davidson
Increasing Independence with Technological Supports Independent Living Julie Eshleman
Lissa Garvey
Charisse Holder
Interaction with Home Assistants for People with Dysarthria Independent Living Aisha Jaddoh
Intersectionality of Accessibility and Affordability Independent Living Sarah Margolis-Greenbaum
Ted Drake
Intro to Freedom Scientific Student of the Month Program Education Rachel Buchanan
It Takes a Village: Raising a Teenaged Application Employment & Workplace Josh Harrison
Making STEM Accessible for Blind Students Education Dan Gardner
Overcoming Challenges Preventing Access to Braille Education William Freeman
Shopping Assistance to ASD Individuals with a Mobile AR App Independent Living Mengting Xia
Speaking Through Action Blocks Independent Living Patrick Clary
Yu Zhong
Ajit Narayanan
We Make Content for You, Come Visit Our Training Center Education Rachel Buchanan
Workday’s Accessible PDF Previewer Employment & Workplace Changxu Lu
Lovleen Pabla