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Featured Exhibitor: Bonocle Inc.

Bonocle is a braille education and entertainment platform for the blind. A portable braille device that connects to smartphones via Bluetooth and acts as a controller for braille experiences designed and optimized for Bonocle. Bonocle focuses on educational applications and games in a new way to tackle the braille literacy crisis through fun and engagement that motivate and improve braille learning. Visit Bonocle Inc. website for more information: www.bonocle.co


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Exhibitor Booth(s)
ADA Site Compliance  615  
Dream Vision Group  616  
Nelnet  617  
Inventivio  618  
Accessible Web  619  
Hamilton CapTel  709  
U.S. Department of State  711  
California School for the Blind  713  
AI-Learners  714  
Otter.ai  715  
Insidevision Inc  716  
OpenText  717  
Quality of Life Plus Program  718  
AYES  719  
JW.ORG  723  
Aira  803  
Patriot Vision Industries LLC  808  
InclusiveDocs  810  
Central Intelligence Agency  812  
OHFA Tech, Inc.  814  

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