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Featured Exhibitor: OrCam

OrCam delivers increased independence to people who are blind, visually impaired, or have reading challenges - empowering them to study, work, and throughout their daily activities. OrCam MyEye is a wearable with a smart camera that attaches to an eyeglass frame, enabling you to read, recognize faces, identify products, and more. OrCam Read is a handheld device with an intuitive point-and-click operation that seamlessly reads text aloud from any printed surface or digital screen. Visit OrCam website for more information: www.orcam.com


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Exhibitor Booth(s)
Vispero  503  
Morphic - Trace Center - Raising the Floor  424  
Chax Training and Consulting  423  
Neuro Rehab VR  419  
Nippon Telesoft Co., Ltd.  418  
CViConnect  417  
Orbit Research  416  
RealThing Ai  414  
Overflow Biz, Inc.  413  
En-Vision America  412  
Nagish Inc.  411  
Texthelp  410  
NorthState Assistive Technology  409  
HumanWare  403  
Kurzweil Education  319  
LVI Low Vision International  318  
Natively Fluent  317  
Index Braille  316  
Job Accommodation Network  315  
Ghotit LTD  313  

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