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Featured Exhibitor: NorthState Assistive Technology

NorthState Assistive Technology is dedicated to enhancing the independence of blind, vision-impaired, and cognitively challenged individuals through adaptive technology. We proudly represent several different manufacturers to provide the best options available for our clients. In addition, we specialize in customized system solutions, like our Revolution, Revo2Go, and iGoPro that provide the user the best technology available streamlined to maximize their effectiveness. Visit NorthState Assistive Technology website for more information: www.northstateat.com


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Exhibitor Booth(s)
Sicsa Futuro, S.A.  714  
Eyegaze Inc.  716  
Dot Incorporation  717, 719  
Quality of Life Plus Program  718  
Ocutrx Technologies, Inc.  803  
Patriot Vision Industries LLC  808  
SENSEE Inc.  816, 818  
MegaVoice  819  

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