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Featured Exhibitor: BlindShell

BlindShell Classic 2, Communication with no limits! The New Generation of BlindShell Classic provides unique hardware, a tactile keypad, voice control, and a loud speaker, creating the perfect phone for the visually impaired. With WhatsApp, the BlindShell app catalog has many optional features, an internet browser, and assistive tools such as a screen-reader and NFC object tagging. Full of fun and useful functions yet still simple to use! Visit BlindShell website for more information: www.blindshell.com


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Exhibitor Booth(s)
Logickeyboard  512  
Level Access, Inc.  1103  
Job Accommodation Network  315  
Irie-AT Inc  303  
Insidevision Inc  317  
HumanWare  403  
Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL)  1013  
HIMS, Inc.  518  
HCL America, Inc.   618  
Harpo Sp. z o.o  509  
Hamilton CapTel  709  
Hable One  517  
GoodMaps  508  
Glean (formerly Sonocent)  1009  
Ghotit LTD  1008  
Gallaudet University - Masters in Accessible Human-Centered Computing  1112  
Federal Communications Commission/MITRE  713  
Eyegaze Inc.  716  
Evinced, Inc.  609  
Eschenbach Optik of America  1002  

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