CSUN 2019 Session Quick Guide

Wednesday, March 13
Location 9:00 AM to 9:40 AM 10:00 AM to 10:40 AM 11:00 AM to 11:40 AM 1:20 PM to 2:00 PM 2:20 PM to 3:00 PM 3:20 PM to 4:00 PM 4:20 PM to 5:00 PM
Elite 1/2 Designing for Users with Disabilities Automated and Click-Driven Screen Reader Detection: Divergent Paths for Use Accessibility Statements and Resource Publishing Best Practices AI Fairness for People with Disabilities The Role of Research in Informing Development of Accessibility Standards Does My Site Need an Accessibility Certification or Logo? Future of Accessibility Guidelines for Web and ICT
Elite 3 Exploring the Use of Auditory Cues to Sonify Pencil Code Programs Design and Evaluation of a Multimodal Physics Simulation Multimodal Visual Languages User Interface for Deaf Readers LaTeX is Not Easy: Creating Accessible Scientific Documents with R Markdown Suitable Size of 3D Printing Architecture Models for Tactile Exploration Mobile Health Technology Accessible to People with Visual Impairments Evaluation of the Eye-01 Augmented Reality Device
Grand AB SVG Icons and Screen Reader Accessibility Creating PDFs that Comply with Accessibility Laws & Regulations How to Meet 7 New Success Criteria in WCAG 2.1: Tricks and Tips Accessibility from the Start: Universal Design in the Government Classroom What’s in Your Toolbox: Practical Insights for Job Seekers, AT, IT and HR Connecting Corporate Accessibility with Nonprofit Community Expertise Techniques for Group AT Training of Blind and Low Vision Students
Grand CD Adobe Accessibility Town Hall Exploring Frameworks for Accessibility Testing Within Native Mobile Inclusive Experience Guide for Usability Studies Remediation Order Matters: What to Fix First? Facilitating Inclusion through Non-Competitive Product Agreements Digital Accessibility Audit: Choosing the Right Tool An Intersectional Approach to Inclusion Advocacy
Grand GH NVDA: Updates, New Features and the 2019 Outlook Results of Survey of Use of Voice Activated Home Assistance by Blind/LV Adapting Independent Living Technology for the Low Vision Senior Better Information for Everyday Accessibility Evaluation of an Augmented Reality Navigation System for Blind People Visual Interpreter Apps in Tech Education: Building Skills and Mindfulness A Super Accessible Audioplayer
Grand JK Creating Simple Web Text for People with ID to Train AI Enhancing Community Participation with Video Modeling Supporting Independent Living through Apple Products Speech Impairment: Deep Neural Network to Enhance Voice Banking Process Siobhan and the Wizard of Ounces Improving Campus Digital Accessibility with a Fluent AT User-Testing Pool Providing (In-House) Accessible Digital Math Notes for College Students
Orange County 1 Building VI Graph and Map Skills Through an Accessible iPad App Case Studies of Blind/Low Vision Students in Foreign Language Courses The State of Speech Technology for CC & AD Internet2 NET+: A New Vehicle to Drive Accessibility and Universal Design Switch Access for V. I. Students with Significant Additional Impairments Localizing Accessible STEM Editor: ChattyInfty3 into Various Languages Power of PDF/UA
Orange County 2 Accessible Astronomy: Inclusive Design for Exploring & Enjoying Simulations Supporting Assistive Technology: Making the Most of Limited Resources Holistic Tech Training for Blind/Low Vision Users Integrating Braille and Assistive Technology for Success in Math Blind Maker Update: A Roundup of Resources for Accessible DIY Electronics An Accessible Android Carousel: Why Empathy Matters More than Know-How Optimizing Word & PowerPoint 2019 PDFs in Acrobat Pro DC
Orange County 3 Accessible Coding for K-12 Students with Diverse Learning Needs Wa11y - Chatbot for Web Accessibility FAQ Assistance Artificial Intelligence and Accessibility – A Promising Future Coaching and Celebrating Your Accessibility Champions Accessibility Elders: Honoring Wisdom, Embracing Change, Ensuring a Future OpenUI5 & SAPUI5 - What is in for Accessibility?
Orange County 4 Uber and the Future of Mobility OpenStreetMap: An Open Platform for both Indoor and Outdoor Wayfinding Using U.S. Federal Resources for Improving Accessibility of ICT An Overview of Trusted Tester for Web - Version 5 CELA and Bookshare: Providing Equitable Library Service in Canada
Platinum 2 (AMAZON) Amazon at Home & On the Go: What's New, Improved, and Improving? Alexa’s Advancements for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Eyes Free with Alexa - Cooking, Communicating, Reading, Watching, Shopping The Many Faces of Reading: Become an Accessible Reading Expert Lessons We’ve Learned: How We Are Applying Accessibility to Employee Tools Be an Accessibility Leader in Your Organization – New Leaders, New Ideas
Platinum 3 (DEQUE) Accessibility Trends 2018 A is for Agile and Accessibility What's New in Axe Accessibility Strategies for Your Content Team The Real Cost of Accessibility Complaints and Lawsuits Supporting the Design Phase with Accessibility Heuristics Evaluations Designing for Cognitive Efficiency
Platinum 4 (VISPERO) Roads Less Traveled: When to Detour from Standards to Reach Accessible UX A Strategy for Inclusive Accessibility Testing for Novices and Experts What's New in JAWS 2019 Role-Based Challenges of Implementing Accessibility Remediation Pay as You Go: Annual Software Licensing Options Mitigating your Legal Risk for Web and Mobile Accessibility Fusion and the 8 Things You Must Know
Platinum 5 Transforming Online Education at UC with UDL & Accessibility Accessibility Initiatives and Commitments from Major Higher Ed Publishers Teaching an Accessible Online Course: What Instructors Should Know Accessibility in the Engineering Village Making Technical Computing Accessible with MATLAB Online Introduction for Faculty: Accessible Online Syllabus Teaching Accessibility and Inclusive Design in Higher Education Curriculum
Platinum 6 Getting Beyond the Checklist - Culture Change & Accessibility Accessibility Conformance Reporting: What’s New for VPAT 2? Applying Lean Six Sigma Methodology to Improve Accessibility Framework for Accessible Specification of Technologies (FAST) The EU Accessibility Quiz Writing User Stories to Test WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria Understanding the User Experience Behind the New WCAG 2.1 Requirements
Platinum 7 (MICROSOFT) Acc to the Future: Microsoft’s Vision for the Future of Accessibility AI for Accessibility: Practical Guidance to Get Started Narrator 101: Introduction to Narrator Including Web, Email, Tips and More Empower Inclusive Learning with Microsoft 365 Education Adventures with Soundscape Magnifier and Low Vision Improvements in Windows 10 Engaging and Accessible Communication with Office365
Platinum 8 (LEVEL ACCESS) Gray-Box Mobile Accessibility Testing 2019 Digital Accessibility Legal Update Big Organization Accessibility: Aetna Case Study Mobile Accessibility: Beyond Screen Readers How to Improve Accessibility for Users with Anxiety Managing Requirements and Testing in an Agile Lifecycle Applying Accessibility Best Practices to Voice Assistants and Their Actions
Platinum 9 (GOOGLE) New Accessibility Products and Features from Google What's New in Accessibility on Android Lookout: A Computer Vision Assistive App for Android Google G Suite Updates Introduction to Accessibility UX Research Use Search Features to Enhance Your Daily Life
Platinum 10 Accessibility of Streaming Media Players Making Immersive Media Accessible Going the Distance: The Accessibility of Fitness Apps and Running 21st Century TV: Creating an Accessible and Consistent User Experience Accessible Immersive Video Experiences What Makes One Font More Accessible than Another– Introducing BBC Reith
Thursday, March 14
Location 8:00 AM to 8:40 AM 9:00 AM to 9:40 AM 10:00 AM to 10:40 AM 11:00 AM to 11:40 AM 1:20 PM to 2:00 PM 2:20 PM to 3:00 PM 3:20 PM to 4:00 PM 4:20 PM to 5:00 PM
Elite 1/2 ADA Web Accessibility Lawsuits - 2018 Recap & Steps to Avoid the Risk HP Accessibility Toolkit: A Unified Accessibility Requirements Resource There are 2 Sides to Every Story: VPATs Disability Access and the Federal Communications Commission What You Need to Know about the Real-Time Text Revolution Challenges for Accessibility in a Global South Country Think You Know Accessibility Stats? Revised Section 508 - Key Things You Need to Understand!
Elite 3 Sensor Technology, Gamification, Haptic Interfaces in an Assistive Wearable Use of mHealth Technologies by People with Vision Impairment A Policy Proposal to Support Self-Driving Vehicle Accessibility Implementing the ATLAS Self-Driving Vehicle Voice User Interface Evaluating Sign Language Animation through Models of Eye Movements Accessibility of Voice-Activated Agents for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Users Tangible Cup for Elderly Social Interaction: Design TUI for & with Elderly Global Atlas of People with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities
Grand AB Inclusive Design and Prototyping from Start to Finish ARIA and Screen Readers: Assessing What Works PDF Accessibility: What Can and Can’t be Done with Auto-Tagging Reasonable Accommodation and Assistive Technology in the Workplace Incorporating Accessibility Into Testing at Slack New Demand for User-Testing from the Disability Community More than Testing: Careers for People with Disabilities in Accessibility Role-Based Accessibility Update: WCAG 2.1 and More
Grand CD Sociology, Psychology and Disability Simulations Becoming or Hiring an Accessible Technology Coordinator for Higher Ed Is Document Accessibility Really Cost Prohibitive? Integrating Accessibility into the Development Process Worth the Investment: Creating Accessible PDF Forms in InDesign Eno: Capital One’s Journey to an Accessible AI Assistant FCC Development of an Open-Source Direct Video-Calling Platform Cognitive Accessibility and ADHD: The Wonderful Thing About Tigger…
Grand GH Tactile Maps Automated Production (TMAP): Distribution and Training “Don’t Make Me Do This!” A Ninja Screen Reader User Implores Web Developers CamIO: an App for Audio Labeling of Physical Objects Using Android Open Source to Create an Accessible Home Hub Touch-Screen OrCam MyEye in My Life: An Ordinary Day Versus an Extraordinary Day Leveraging Technology to Create Accessible Documents Artificial Intelligence at Aira: Next-Gen Research for the Blind
Grand JK Increasing Captioning Accuracy and Efficiency Through AI Empowering Site Production Teams through Accessibility Ambassador Training A Suite of Learning Tools to Support Knowledge Retention Math is Finally Accessible, Digital, and Easy with EquatIO Pack Up Your AT and Go to College! Reading, Writing, and Analytics in the Google Environment How to Prioritize Captions at Your University IBM Corporate Accessibility Education: The Journey into Moodle and Badging
Orange County 1 ARIA-labelledby, ARIA-label, ARIA-describedby on Static Elements Learn by Doing: Case Study of the Accessibility Labs at Verizon Screen Readers and CSS: Going Out of Style (and into Content) Impact of Digitalization on Math Learning: Students with Visual Impairments Non-Visual Data Exploration Using Descriptive Statistics EPUB 101: An Essential Briefing for All Higher Education Professionals Telling Images: The Focus/LOCUS Method for Accessible Image Description
Orange County 2 Monocle - A Library to Help Make Android Apps More Accessible The Use of <use> and Other SVG Requirements for Mobile App WebViews New Innovations in Science Laboratory Access Tools for the Blind A New Generation of Techie TVIs: Tech Integration in a Teacher Prep Program Promoting Braille Literacy with Instant Accessibility It’s Time for the CCTV to Evolve-a Smart Magnification Tool is Essential Building a Sustainable University Document Accessibility Remediation Plan A Product Management Perspective of a CCTV
Orange County 3 Accessible Highcharts - The Next Chapter Building an Accessible Math Learning Game: The Railway Hero Case Study An Inclusively Designed Toolkit for Monitoring Technology Accessibility Achieving and Maintaining Web Accessibility 2019 Teach Access Update Accessible Informal Learning for Deaf Using Mixed Reality: Preliminary Data Three Years of National Web Accessibility Data: What Trends Emerge The State of Web Accessibility: What We Learned Testing 1,000,000 Homepages
Orange County 4 Tips for Including People with Disabilities in User Experience Testing Design Systems that Supports Inclusive Experiences Videos to Master Eye Gaze Input for Children with Severe Disabilities Using the Black Art of Marketing to Sell Accessibility Anatomy of a Card: Building Accessible Card Components Awareness, Collaboration and Compliance: Sustaining Accessibility at PSU Tools and Techniques for Evaluating Word and PowerPoint Accessibility Integrate Accessibility into Project Planning Using Wireframes
Platinum 2 (AMAZON) How Can you Automate your Home for Greater Independence & Convenience? How Can Amazon Help you be More Secure in your Home? Amazon’s Accessible Movies: New devices, New features, Even Better Access! Learning to Ship Products Accessibly Scaling Web Accessibility of the Amazon Shopping Experience Through Tooling The Future of React Native Accessibility– Moving the Ball Forward at Amazon Accessible UX at Amazon: Designing for Blind and Low Vision Users
Platinum 3 (DEQUE) Building and Testing a Reusable ARIA Widget The Difference Between Native Mobile and Web Accessibility Testing Emerging CSS Techniques & What They Mean for Accessibility Accessibility as a Lifestyle Change - A Program Office Approach Defining the Right Accessibility Metrics for Your Business - D2L Case Study Innovative Accessibility: Shifting Manual Testing Left to Development Teams ARIA – 10 Mistakes to Avoid
Platinum 4 (VISPERO) Fusion, JAWS and ZoomText: Let’s Learn and Connect Many Devices, One Standard: Mobile Accessibility with WCAG 2.1 What’s New in ZoomText 2019 Beyond Web Accessibility: Mobile Apps, Apple TV, and other Emerging Devices It’s All About Data: New Methods and Tools for Accessibility The Challenges and Successes of Building an Accessibility Program
Platinum 5 Accessibility Makeover: How Faculty Can Improve Access to STEM Content Accessibility Features in the new MathJax Version 3 Inclusive EdTech: Web Components, Documentation and Beyond Teaching Accessibility Topics in Computing Curriculum Comprehensive Use of Accessibility Testing: Example from Penn State E-Learning for All: Creating Engaging and Accessible Online Training Using Microsoft Word to Author Accessible EPUB 3 Publications Instructor Provides UDL Lectures Using Sonocent and Microsoft
Platinum 6 E-Commerce for Document Accessibility How a Small Accessibility Team Can Deliver Accessible Websites WCAG 2.1 for Web Designers How W3C Checks Its Specifications for Accessibility Support Web Accessibility: A Litigation Perspective Key Factors for an Organizational Strategy for Accessible PDF’s Monitoring Accessibility at Capital One: Taking a Risk-Based Approach Accessibility of WebGL 3D Objects on HTML Canvas
Platinum 7 (MICROSOFT) Microsoft Search: Enabling Everyone to Find What Matters Privacy, Ethics & People with Disabilities in the Age of AI Narrator 201: More Productive Email Accessibility Insights: Quickly Find and Fix Accessibility Issues What's New in Office 365 Accessibility Game Your Way with Xbox Boost Productivity with Microsoft Apps on iOS and Android Eye Tracking for Apps
Platinum 8 (LEVEL ACCESS) Winning at Scale: Accessibility in Design Systems and Design Ops Anatomy of an Accessible eBook Reader for the Web Ways Machine Learning will Impact the Future of Accessibility ADA and the Internet - Legal Update Accessible Animation: Redux A11Y Matters: Effective UX Design Includes Accessibility WCAG 2.1 and Mobile Accessibility How To Easily Incorporate Accessible Widgets within the React IDE
Platinum 9 (GOOGLE) How Thinking of Accessibility First Can Improve the Experience for All Closed Captions in Google Products Chrome & Chrome OS Accessibility Updates Google G Suite Tips & Tricks UX Case Studies: How Google Uses Research to Design Accessible Products What's New with Google Home and Google Assistant Product Updates and New Developer Initiatives on Google Play Automated Accessibility Testing for Mobile
Platinum 10 Yahoo Mail: A Case Study In Mobile Accessibility Cognitive Accessibility 103 (Gaming Edition) Accessible Web Platforms for Displaying HTML on Consumer and IoT Devices Accessibility in Mobile Apps with Virtual Assistant Integration: Yahoo Mail The Unassuming Art of Closed Captioning How Big Should Subtitles (Closed Captions) Be? Build an Inclusive Team! Meet Your Guide: Supporting Capital One’s Enterprise Accessibility Program
Friday, March 15
Location 8:00 AM to 8:40 AM 9:00 AM to 9:40 AM 10:00 AM to 10:40 AM 11:00 AM to 11:40 AM 1:20 PM to 2:00 PM 2:20 PM to 3:00 PM 3:20 PM to 4:00 PM
Elite 1/2 Are Your Testing Tools Accurate? ACT Rules Provide Transparency The European Web Accessibility Directive Explained and Illustrated Explaining the Revised Section 508 Standards The Communication Gap Between Buyers and Sellers of Accessible ICT Do State Policies Increase Public Websites’ Accessibility? International Web & Mobile Standards Uptake Including Developing Countries Update on the Accessible Canada Act Bill C-81, a Proposed Law
Elite 3 Survey of User Needs: Use of Emerging ICT by People with Disabilities Communication App for Children with Hearing and Developmental Difficulties Employment: Ensure Accessibility of E-learning and Other Training Materials Bringing Accessibility to the Ember.js Framework Accessibility Staff Training Resources for Employees Crafting an Open Source, Inclusive Design System
Grand AB WCAG 2.1 Made Easier for Non-Accessibility Professionals Moving to the Cloud Achieved Better Adoption, Shorter Cycles, & Compliance Accessibility Ecosystem in Emerging Markets : Overview of a Decade in India AT Hackathons: Solving Real-World Accessibility Problems in 24 Hours Inclusive Customer Interviews: Make it Your Friday Task Using Accessibility Clinics to Empower and Educate: A Case Study Talking to Engineers About Accessibility
Grand CD Accommodating Employees with Sleep Disorders in the Workplace Survey Results on Impact of Certifications for Accessibility Professionals Map Accessibility Accessibility Checkpoints Within a Kaiser Permanente App Product Launch Data Verbalization: Accessible Charts and Diagrams Closing the Accessible Technology Skills Gap The Intersection of Design and Accessibility
Grand GH Stories From the Front Lines: How Aira is Transforming Lives of Blind Users Commodity Hardware & Custom Software for Individuals with Disability LiveWell RERC – Update on Emerging ICT Developments for Independent Living Eye Gaze Technology in Everyday Life for Individuals with Impairments Multi-Modality for Inclusivity in Digital Interactions Modular Gesture Interface for People with Severe Motor Dysfunction
Grand JK How Compatible is Dragon for Users? Using Scenery and the Parallel DOM to Support Accessible Web Applications Accessibility for Developers: Developing Functional Requirements Implementing New EdTech: Engaging Students with Audio Note Taking Software AAC Access via Two Switch Step Scanning Knowledge and Skill Transfer Visual Perception: Interactive Multimedia Game for Psychomotor Development We are Authors! Alternative Approaches to Writing
Orange County 1 Accessible E-Learning: Key Whys and Hows for Building Accessible Training Introductory Selection Methods for Low Vision Assistive Technology Devices Is it Text, or is it Math? Accessible Mixed Content STEM Writing Support The Accessible Math Classroom with Desmos RAVI: Reading Assistant for Visually Impaired I-Stem: Encouraging Blind Students in India to Learn STEM Accessible Ordering and Matching Assessments from McGraw-Hill Education
Orange County 2 Robust, Semantic Solutions to Modern Design Challenges Tactile Graphics in Minutes Aira Technology: Poised to Empower College Success for Blind Students Real-Time Animated Tactile Graphics with the Graphiti Tactile Graphics: Teacher Perceptions for Students with Visual Impairments Reading, Writing, Arithmetic: Experiences of US Students with Disabilities Building Empathy: AT&T’s Accessibility Awareness Lab
Orange County 3 Validating a Sampling Process for Accessibility Testing of Websites Accessible Excel Spreadsheets for Screen Reader Users Web Accessibility Error Patterns in 2019 Application Theming the Accessible Way CSUN's Master of Science in Assistive Technology Studies & Human Services Inter-Professional AT Education Program to Expand Graduate Student Learning Tech Tools for Academic Success: A Student-Focused AT Self-Assessment
Orange County 4 The Potential of OERs to Meet the Needs of Students with Disabilities Improving Spoken Rendering of Text by AT: Continuing Progress WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool – What's New and What's in Store? Changing the Culture of Corporate Accessibility Training Building and Maintaining Accessible CMS Platforms and 3rd Party Apps Overcoming Challenges Developing Accessible Online Learning The Importance of Pause, Stop, Hide
Platinum 2 (AMAZON) Tapping into the Future with VoiceView & Braille on Fire Tablets Taking a Book from Mind to Market: Accessible Publishing via Amazon Kindle
Platinum 3 (DEQUE) Automating New and Improved United States Government Requirements Annotating Design Comps to Address Accessibility Accessibility in Single Page Applications: One Year Later Combining Automated Testing Tools with Comprehensive Audits How to Ensure Your Critical User Flows Remain Accessible Custom Rules to Tailor Accessibility Testing for an Enterprise Organization
Platinum 4 (VISPERO) Accessibility with People with Disabilities Through Effective User Research Vispero in Education - Affordable Software for Students Evaluating Organizational Readiness for Accessibility A Web of Anxiety: Accessibility for People with Anxiety and Panic Disorders
Platinum 5 Overcoming Platform Accessibility Limitations in Articulate Storyline 360 Developing Web Accessibility Educational Resources with W3C WAI Institutional Repository Accessibility: An Analysis of Library Software Making Existing E-learning Accessible Accessibility Training for IT Vendors: A New Model to Reach Accessibility
Platinum 6 Promoting Web Accessibility with Organizational Vision Maybe AAA is Not So Bad? Accessibility — Putting People First in the Software Development Lifecycle Achieving Inclusive Accessibility Thinking Without Sticks or Carrots Integrating Local and Remote Meeting Participants Emails: How to Make Ancient HTML Accessible
Platinum 7 (MICROSOFT) Accessible Design and Development in Microsoft Office Windows 10 Accessibility – What’s New in 2019 What’s New with Seeing AI: Talking Camera App for the Blind Community Microsoft Teams: One Place Your Team Needs for Inclusive Communications! Narrator in Windows – What’s New in 2019
Platinum 8 (LEVEL ACCESS) Where Accessibility Lives: Incorporating A11y into your Process and Team
Platinum 9 (GOOGLE) Tips for Communicating with Gmail, Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat Android for Users with Motor Impairments Accessibility in YouTube TV: A Case Study What's New in Chrome DevTools
Platinum 10 Best Practices of Accessibility Statements Creating Great Accessibility Experiences on iOS Turning Engineers into Accessibility Champions Digital Accessibility: Making it Scalable Persuading Organizations To Prioritize Accessibility Design Archetypes: A Humanized Approach to Accessibility and Inclusivity Accessibility Team of Zero: Accessible Products Without a Dedicated Team