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Featured Exhibitor: Wicab, Inc.

The BrainPort® Vision Pro is an FDA cleared electronic vision aid that provides electro-tactile stimulation to aid profoundly blind users in orientation, mobility, and object recognition as an adjunctive device to other assistive methods such as the white cane or a guide dog. It translates digital information from a video camera into gentle electrical stimulation patterns on the surface of the tongue that users learn to interpret as the shape, size, and location of objects in their environment. Visit Wicab, Inc. website for more information: www.wicab.com


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Exhibitor Booth(s)
iMerciv Inc  1214 
Concourse, by Intellidemia  1213 
Alternative Communication Services, LLC  1212 
LVI Low Vision International  1211 
Eschenbach Optik of America  1209, 1308 
American Printing House for the Blind  1208, 1210 
SignGlasses  1205 
Natively Fluent  1203 
Aticser Serv. I Tec. de la inf.  120 
Next Innovation  119, 218 
National Braille Press, Inc  117 
QD Laser, Inc.  115 
OHFA Tech, Inc.   113 
Tap Systems, Inc.  1115 
Amedia Corporation  1114 
Markido Inc.  1113 
Verbit  1112 
Dot Incorporation  1111 
OpenText  1110 
AKEA Web Solutions, LLC  111 

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