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Featured Exhibitor: Aticser Serv. I Tec. de la inf.

We believe that every person has the right to provide his full potential to the world. Our conviction is that to achieve so, it is only necessary that each person gets the necessary tools to meet his specific needs. We create cutting edge devices aimed to provide more autonomy to the persons with visual disabilities. Tech4Freedom presents the Box One4All. A personal device providing the main daily life solutions that you can control by its sole button. Visit the Tech4Freedom Booth to learn more. Visit Aticser Serv. I Tec. de la inf. website for more information: www.tech4freedom.net


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Exhibitor Booth(s)
Primacy  114 
Project Ray LLC  520 
QD Laser, Inc.  916 
Reinecker Vision GmbH  523, 521 
Revolution Enterprises, Inc.  513 
RightHear  102 
Saltillo Corporation  400 
sComm  611, 710 
Second Sight Medical Products  600 
SightCare Technology CO., LTD.  801 
SightSky Technology, Inc.  416 
Siteimprove  618 
Smartbox   722 
Solimar Systems  913 
Sony North America  321, 317, 319 
Sprint  920 
Step-Hear Ltd.  921 
Storm Interface  212 
T-Base Communications  418, 420 
Texthelp  511 

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