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Featured Exhibitor: NextVPU (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

“AngelEye” is the world’s first smart glasses to assist blind and visually impaired people to perceive the world, which is based on NextVPU’s most advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence technology. By analyzing the detailed position information of objects, then assists users to avoid and recognize these objects by auditory perception. With this method, “AngelEye” would be an extension of human senses to support blind and visually impaired people in daily life. Visit NextVPU (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. website for more information: www.nextvpu.com


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Exhibitor Booth(s)
Logickeyboard  601 
Low Vision International  214 
LS&S, LLC  522 
Make-Sense  911 
Maxi-Aids  512 
MegaVoice  115 
Microsoft  213 
Mobience  216 
Monsido, Inc.  915 
National Braille Press, Inc  918 
Neo Access Ltd.  311 
NetCentric Technologies Inc.  622, 620 
NextVPU (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  909 
NorthState Assistive Technology  800 
NuEyes Technologies, Inc.  900 
OHFA Tech, Inc.   821 
Optelec (part of VFO)  205 
OrCam  402 
Overflow Biz, Inc.  912 
Pearson  411, 413 

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