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Featured Exhibitor: Origin Instruments Corporation

Origin Instruments delivers computer, tablet (iPhone, iPad and Android) and communication device access solutions for people with motor disabilities. Origin’s HeadMouse enables users to control an on-screen pointer with natural head movements. Origin also offers solutions for switch-based access using Tapio, Swifty and Breeze USB interfaces, and our Orby and Sip/Puff line of switches. We also offer various on-screen keyboards and utilities for device access, and speech generation. Visit Origin Instruments Corporation website for more information: http://www.orin.com


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Exhibitor Booth(s)
ABILITY Magazine  614 
ABISee, Incorporated  913 
AccessaMed, Inc.   421 
AccessibilityOz  221 
ActiveForever   823 
Adaptive Technology Services  313 
Ai Squared  305 
Aira Tech Corp (aka Kast Inc)  214 
Altix Sp. z o.o.  522 
Ambutech Inc.  218 
Amedia Corporation  919 
American Printing House for the Blind  700 
American Thermoform Corporation   710 
AssistiveWare  318 
Attainment Co., Inc.  520, 518 
AudioEye Inc.  621 
Aumed Group Corp.  819 
BAUM Retec, Inc.  917, 915 
Beijing Outsmarting Dacone Instrument Inc.  911, 909 

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