Call for Pre-Conference Workshops

The 36th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference will host virtual pre-conference workshops, offered in a live, webinar format.  Workshops should offer in-depth, skill-building tools and focus on the topics that offer career advancement and professional development.

Please note that workshops require advance sign-up and an additional fee from attendees, thus it is our intention that the pre-conference workshops are appealing and worthwhile. Workshops are not intended to be about promotional marketing, selling or distribution of any product or service.

The Center on Disabilities is accepting proposals for the pre-conference workshops starting August 20 until 3:00 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, September 29, 2020.

All proposals must be submitted via the online form. Any inquiries regarding the pre-conference workshops can be directed to .

Half-day and Full-day Workshops

These workshops are either half-day (3 hours) or full-day workshops (6 hours), intended to offer an in-depth study and learning experience in the areas of assistive technology.

All workshops will be live, however, offered remotely, via a web-conferencing tool.  Half-day workshops will run the full 3 hours and should include two (2) breaks.  Full-day workshops will be split into two (2) three (3) hour sessions and each session should include two (2) breaks.

Workshop schedule to be determined.


All professionals from a variety of backgrounds, with expertise in a subject matter area are welcome to submit a proposal. Companies or representatives on behalf of an organization, company or product will not be accepted as a presenter for a pre-conference workshop.

Half-day workshops have a maximum of two (2) presenters and up to three (3) on full-day workshops. One presenter per workshop should be designated to moderate the workshop at all times to ensure the smooth flow of the workshop, questions are answered, and participants’ needs addressed in the virtual environment.

Pre-Conference Proposal Requirements

Pre-conference workshops should provide:

  • An enhanced and in-depth exploration as opposed to a general overview
  • Offer distinct learning objectives with gained practical knowledge
  • Include an interactive learning experience

For consideration as a half-day or full-day presenter, please complete the online form. You are required to include the following information:

  • Up to 2 presenters on half-day workshops and up to 3 on full-day workshops (later additions and substitutions prohibited)
  • All presenter bios and contact information
  • Half or full-day designation
  • Program title
  • 3 Learning objectives
  • Program description (including summary, format and how objectives will be met)
  • Audience type (beginner, intermediate or advanced)

All proposals will be reviewed based on how well they meet the following criteria:

  • Addresses an innovative or new perspective in technology
  • Offers beneficial strategies for effectively implementing assistive technology practices
  • Incorporates interactive learning
  • Demonstrates how learning objectives will be met
  • Provides a diversity of learning modalities and styles


By presenting a Pre-Conference Workshop for the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, presenters will receive the following:

  • Honorarium in the amount of $500/presenter for half-day and $750/presenter for full-day.
  • Complimentary conference registration for all pre-determined presenters only (no substitutions).

Presenter Terms & Conditions

Presenters will be expected to adhere to the following rules and guidelines if selected:

  • Presenters are expected to present the workshop as described and outlined in the proposal; unless otherwise determined by the Center on Disabilities.
  • Workshops will be scheduled according to virtual conference schedule, to be determined once proposals are accepted.
  • Presenters are to provide participants with fully accessible lecture formats and handouts. Handouts are informational pieces directly related to the presentation.
  • Presenters must moderate their workshop and offer accessible formats for Q&A and any interactive/hands-on learning.
  • Presenters must make themselves available for pre- and post-workshop questions or follow-up pertaining to the workshop.
  • Presenters are strictly prohibited from engaging in any type of promotional marketing, selling of any product(s) or service(s), or distributing any products/merchandise.
  • Presenters shall not represent on behalf of any company, organization or product. The pre-conference agreement is between the Center on Disabilities and the presenter(s), not with any company, organization or product.
  • Presenters are prohibited from making changes to the workshop’s content and/or presenter(s) after the proposal submission. Any changes must be requested and are at the discretion of the Center on Disabilities. The Center on Disabilities must be notified immediately in the event of an emergency preventing a presenter from meeting their obligation.
  • All materials, workshop content and presentation must not violate any proprietary or personal rights of others, is factually accurate, and contains nothing libelous or otherwise unlawful. Presentations should be the presenters’ own original work and any necessary permissions or license are obtained legally from any persons or organizations whose material is included or used in the presentation.
  • Presenter compensation is only awarded to those presenters that present their workshop. In the event an accepted workshop has minimal or extremely low registration, the Center on Disabilities reserves the right to cancel the workshop and thus the presenter(s) forfeit their compensation.

Submit a Proposal

Review this page in entirety and then proceed to the Call for Pre-Conference Workshop Proposals Form.