• CSUN Is Smoke and Tobacco Free

    CSUN Is Smoke and Tobacco Free Since 2015

Tools for Quitting

It's understandable that the idea of quitting smoking can be quite daunting, yet CSUN has established many different resources to help those who wish to adopt a nonsmoking lifestyle. This section will refer students, faculty and staff members to the various avenues that are available to them through the Klotz Student Health Center and CSUN Human Resources Department, as well as online services that show the rewards of going smoke free. We hope these are helpful, and that you are able to enjoy the health benefits as CSUN aims to "clear the air."

CSUN Resources for Students, Employees and Community Members

CSUN student services

Klotz Student Health Center: Klotz Student Health Center physicians can engage in smoking cessation counseling and treatment, including the use of medications such as Chantix as medically appropriate. Find the Klotz Student Health Center location using the campus map. (818) 677-3666

  • Klotz Student Health Center pharmacy: Food and Drug Administration approved nicotine-replacement therapy products are available over-the-counter. (818) 677-3671
  • Matadors 4 Wellness: Peer health educators can provide smoking-related presentations, free quit kits and other materials. (818) 677-6128

University Counseling Services: UCS staff also provides counseling and support for substance use and addiction. Find the University Counseling Services location using the campus map. (818) 677-2366

CSUN employee services

Through Life Matters, the University’s Employee Assistance Program, employees can take advantage of Break Free, a six-session tobacco-cessation program. Break Free is a telephone counseling cessation program that combines multiple telephone sessions with a coach and the use of a workbook, providing convenient resources and support. Visit mylifematters.com for more information, or contact LifeMatters at 1-800-367-7474 and ask to schedule your pre-quit session.

Employees may also take advantage of smoking-cessation services available through their CSUN health plan, and educational/consultation groups such as the Lunchtime Learning program offered throughout the year.

Additionally, FDA-approved nicotine-replacement therapy products are available through the Klotz Student Health Center Pharmacy.

CSUN community services

The Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing may be able to offer outreach programs to the campus and neighboring community in conjunction with campus and community health partners. Find the Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing location using the campus map. (818) 677-7715

Online Resources

American Cancer Society
Quitting information and helpful tips
(800) ACS-2345/(800) 227-2345

American Lung Association
Free comprehensive lung health assistance, information, disease counseling and a proactive tobacco-cessation program to improve the health of individuals with lung disease.
(800) LUNGUSA/(800) 586-4872

American Lung Association of California
Self-help materials, phone counseling, internet-based information and online chat with a counselor

Free, personalized quit plan and an online support group

Smoking quit line and National Cancer Institute's live help online chat
Connects to National Cancer Institute Live Help Online Chat Smoking quitline telephone:
(877) 44U-QUIT/(877) 448-7848

California Smokers Helpline
Free and confidential telephone counseling program for quitting smoking, one-on-one phone counseling, self-help materials and a referral list of other programs. 
Call to see if you qualify for free nicotine patches.
(800) NO-BUTTS/(800) 662-8887

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Quit tips and resources
Youth Tobacco Cessation: A Guide for Making Informed Decisions

Kaiser Permanente
Offers free classes and counseling for members, medication therapy with copayment, free online tobacco-cessation service and self-help materials

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Tobacco Control and Prevention Program
Twitter: @LAQuits

Mobile Apps

Smokefree.gov Apps: supports smokers working to become smoke-free.