• CSUN Is Smoke and Tobacco Free

    CSUN Is Smoke and Tobacco Free Since 2015

Clear the Air

CSUN is a Smoke- and Tobacco-Free Campus

To promote a healthier environment in which students, faculty and staff can learn, work and live, California State University, Northridge adopted smoke- and tobacco-free guidelines across its campus at the start of the Fall 2015 semester. Nearly 500,000 people a year in the United States die from the negative health effects of smoking and second-hand smoke; these include heart disease and stroke, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. CSUN’s guidelines were among the first in the CSU system and aim to “clear the air” from harmful tobacco smoke and to encourage healthier nonsmoking and tobacco-free lifestyles within our campus community.

Nicotine from tobacco is a highly addictive substance, especially for users who began smoking as teens and young adults. Nicotine creates changes in the developing brain that makes quitting smoking more difficult down the road. Campus leaders understand that these guidelines do impact the lives of members of our campus population, and have identified a variety of resources and smoking-cessation programs available on campus that can help smokers reduce or avoid the use of tobacco.

California state law currently prohibits smoking in any of California’s public buildings, and smoking has been prohibited within 20 feet of any buildings on our campus. Smoke and tobacco products are no longer allowed anywhere on campus, including in outdoor grounds and parking lots. Numerous surveys of our campus community and its members have shown strong support for a smoke- and tobacco-free campus. This input from our community, along with an extensive review of scientific research results, inspired CSUN leaders to develop and adopt the new guidelines, and these frequently asked questions provide additional information and guidance about the guidelines and campus resources and assistance.

This section of the website will provide information about CSUN's new smoke- and tobacco-free guidelines. In addition to the resources for smoking cessation and FAQs, you can find information on the health benefits of quitting smoking, and tips for safely sharing information about the guidelines for tobacco users who may be unaware of this healthy change. However, CSUN does not encourage or support confrontations with individuals who are not cooperating with CSUN’s smoke- and tobacco-free initiative. CSUN’s Department of Police Services will oversee compliance with the new guidelines.

CSUN is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for our campus community, neighbors and guests. We look forward to continuing to “clear the air” at CSUN and seeing the benefits for us all that arise from our smoke- and tobacco-free campus.