Civil Discourse & Social Change

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About CDSC

Civil Discourse and Social Change

Civil Discourse and Social Change (CDSC) is a campus-wide initiative that combines education, community involvement and sustained activism on issues around social justice and social change. The initiative operates under the auspices of the Provost, offering dynamic programming designed to provide social justice education opportunities to students and faculty.

CDSC was co-founded by Dr. Marta López-Garza and Dr. Kathryn Sorrells in 2010 to address student concerns regarding access to education, their future aspirations, and broader issues of social justice. At the invitation of CDSC, Reverend James L. Lawson Jr., who is a prominent leader of the civil rights movement, serves as a visiting scholar at California State University, Northridge, conducting workshops and teaching courses on nonviolent activism. Reverend Lawson is credited as the architect of America’s nonviolent movement for social change was recognized by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as the “greatest teacher of nonviolence in America.”

Teaching Commons

To support faculty, students, staff, and community members interested in exploring this theme, we have designed a “Teaching Commons” that serves as a repository of teaching materials related to each event. The Teaching Commons is a place to post readings and materials that connect to the various events CDSC programs throughout the year. It is set up for use in classrooms, conversations, and collaborations to develop critical consciousness and engender responsible action for social justice and change. The Teaching Commons is a “living site,” which will include regular updates, additions, and refreshed material. We welcome your contributions! You will find these materials in two locations on the website, “Teachings Commons” and “Resources.”