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SNU Students and Faculty Visit CSUN Art Department

September 16, 2014

group shot of Prof. Sakatani with participants

by Dr. Kenneth Sakatani, Art

On Oct. 4 and 5, 2010, a group of Shanghai Normal University art students and faculty members from Shanghai, China, visited the CSUN Art department. The first day of their visit, the students and faculty were given a tour of the art facilities and observed CSUN art students and faculty in their various classrooms. They also sat in on presentations given by the Graphic Design and Art Education students and teachers. The Shanghai Normal students had many opportunities to interact and work along with CSUN art students in some of these art presentations. For example, both the Shanghai Normal and CSUN art education students created figure sculptures from twist ties and found materials as part of an art education lesson.

On the second day, the students participated in one of two art workshops in Graphic Design and Art Education, and shared a luncheon with CSUN administrators, faculty and staff. Later that afternoon, the Shanghai Normal students were also honored with an art gallery reception and exhibit of their own artwork in the art department. Everyone involved with the visit, both Shanghai Normal students and faculty and the CSUN art department faculty, staff and students, had a memorable and enjoyable time.

Looking toward the future, the CSUN art department hopes to extend connections with the Shanghai Normal University in Art Education and Animation. Presently, Graphic Design is the only curricular area established with Shanghai Normal University program. Given that many of the visiting Shanghai Normal students were interested in either art education or digital media, it seems natural that creating more formal arrangements with Shanghai Normal University in these areas, Art Education and Animation, should be further explored. The Art Dept. together with the China Institute will also host a special art exhibition on "Hello, Tibet" by Prof. Guo Gensheng and his graduate students at Shandong Normal University in March of 2011. For a photo essay on Shanghai Normal University Art Delegation's visit to CSUN, please visit: