China Institute

My Days in China with the Flying Tigers

May 23, 2018

James Segel was a 22-years old pilot when he was assigned to the AMMISCA project (the American Military Mission to China) in 1942. James made many trips with his “Ferdinand” C-47 flying over Himalayan Mountains to provide crucial supplies for Chinese and American armies fighting against the Japanese, including the famous Flying Tigers led by General Chennault. In particular, James and his crew stayed with the Flying Tigers from June to August in 1942, assisting them with various tasks as the only transport aircraft on the team. Mr. Segel’s book “Flying the Hump to China –The Early Days” was published in 2017, in which he provides a vivid and thoughtful account of those exciting events happening from 1942-3.

The lecture was held at CSUN on March 27th, 2018.