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Famous Calligrapher Ms. Peng Xiu-Juan Donated 100 Rare Books to CSUN China Institute

October 22, 2022

Ms. Peng Xiu-juan, a famous Chinese calligrapher who is 92 years old and lives in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, donated 100 rare books of Chinese art and culture to CSUN China Institute. 

Ms. Peng Xiujuan donated 100 books to CSUN China Institute


Ms. Peng has been a long-time friend of CSUN China Institute. She came to CSUN multiple times to demonstrate her art of calligraphy and teach Chinese culture to CSUN students and staff. The books that Ms. Peng donated are all her own books, and many of them have accompanied her for more than half a century. She hopes that with these books, more people can have an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the beauty of Chinese art and culture. 

Dr. Weimin Sun, Director of CSUN China Institute, Dr. Jeff Zhang from the College of Business, and Dr. Meiqin Wang from the Department of Art, were present during the donation ceremony. Ms. Peng’s daughter Ms. Xiaofan Zhang, and her granddaughter Healy Cho, joined Ms. Peng for this event. During the ceremony, Ms. Peng demonstrated her calligraphy on site and wrote a banner for China Institute –-“There is no end to the pursuit of Art.” (艺海无涯)

The books donated by Ms. Peng are now stored in the CSUN China Institute office at UL 15. They will be cataloged soon, and CSUN faculty, staff, and students will be able to borrow them in the near future. 


Biography of Ms. Peng Xiu-Juan

Ms. Xiu-juan Peng was born in a Hakka family in 1930 in Guangdong, China. She graduated from Central China Normal University with a B. A. degree in English, and dedicated her life to education. Ms. Peng loved traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting at a young age, and studied under famous Chinese artists including Master Qin E-Sheng, Lian Deng, and Dong Baizhen. Ms. Peng inherited a great tradition and gradually developed her own styles of Chinese calligraphy that demonstrate strength and elegance with a classical style. Ms. Peng joined the Association of Chinese Calligraphers, Guangdong chapter, in 1980s. 

Ms. Peng had many exhibitions showcasing her calligraphy and painting both in and outside China, and had solo-exhibitions in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, and the United States. Her work is widely acclaimed and collected by many people internationally. 

Ms. Peng’s publications:

  • Collection of Ms. Peng’s Calligraphy, Poems, and Painting
  • Poems on Mulberry, Elm, and Grass
  • Collected works of Peng Xiu-juan

Ms. Peng has worked tirelessly to transmit Chinese culture in America. She taught Chinese calligraphy in Northridge for many years and participated in many local Chinese cultural activities. Ms. Peng has won many awards, including the second place in Los Angeles Calligraphy Competition in 1997. She has served in many organizations, including as the vice president of the American Association of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Studies, the senior Consultant to Wan-Fang Poetry Society in Los Angeles, among others. Her name has appeared on Who’s Who of Chinese Americans




2022 年 10 月 22 日,旅美华人书法家、现年 92 岁的彭秀娟女士给 CSUN 中国所捐赠了一百本书画类图书。

彭女士和 CSUN 中国所颇有渊源,疫情前曾被邀请在中国所做过书法讲座,也曾在 CSUN 新年晚会上挥毫泼墨为大家献上书法作品。这次彭女士捐出的是陪伴自己几十年的书画书籍,她希望这些书籍能够让更多的人受益,中华文化艺术可以借由书籍得以传承。

中国所所长孙卫民教授, 商学院张跃教授,艺术系王美钦教授参与了赠书活动。彭女士当场欣然为中国所提字,也给几位教授分别赠书并提字。

这些书籍现存 CSUN 中国所办公室,简单整理后会让中国所的会员借阅,希望能为 CSUN 教授们的教学研究有所帮助。