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Chinese Students and Scholars Association

May 11, 2015

Chinese Students and Scholars Associationby Mei Li, President of Chinese Students and Scholars Association 

Chinese Students & Scholars Association at CSUN was first established in the 1980s, and renewed in 2008. This organization is a social club that was formed by a group of ambitious and patriotic Chinese students and scholars. Currently CSUN-CSSA has over 400 members who are CSUN students and visiting scholars. We are also a member of Southwestern Chinese Students and Scholars Association. Our mission is to enhance friendship and comradeship amongst members. 

CSUN-CSSA has organized many large events in the past several years, including Chinese Culture Night in 2010, an annual Karaoke Singing Competition established in 2010, a Badminton Competition in 2012, and a Basketball Competition in both 2012 and 2013. In the past two years, we developed many eye-catching events such as “The Voice of CSUN” singing competition and a new student orientation BBQ party. In 2014, at the Southwest Chinese Students and Scholars Association Moon Festival Celebration, CSUN-CSSA presented a major program in the gala show.

Besides these events, the main focus of CSUN-CSSA is to help Chinese students and scholars to get used to life and culture in the U.S. We help the China Institute at CSUN to organize Annual Chinese Spring Festival Banquets and other cultural events. We hope to build a friendly and open Chinese Community at CSUN for all students and scholars. In Spring Semester of 2015, we are planning to hold a social networking career event that will build a channel from school to work and help create an alumni network for CSUN Chinese and Chinese American graduates. Please contact Ms. Mei Li, President of CSSA at for more information about CSSA and its upcoming activities.