China Institute

  • Juneteenth Celebration Road to Freedom

    Dr. Cedric Hackett and his students

  • StopAsianHate


  • StopAsianHate


  • With Guest Speaker, Jennifer An, LAPD Special Investigator

    With Guest Speaker, Jennifer An, LAPD Special Investigator

  • "2018 Happy Chinese New Year" World Tour from China

    "2018 Happy Chinese New Year" World Tour from China

  • China—Through the Lens of John Thomson

    China—Through the Lens of John Thomson

  • 2018 Chinese New Year’s Celebration Party

    2018 Chinese New Year’s Celebration Party


Purposes and Functions

Since its founding in 1982, the China Institute has been influential in arranging educational/cultural activities and exchanges between China and the United States. The goal of the Institute is to promote a better understanding of the Chinese culture and to strengthen the friendship between American and Chinese peoples. Specifically, the purposes and functions of the Institute are as follows:

  1. This Institute shall act to facilitate and coordinate ongoing and potential CSUN activities involving teaching, learning, and research related to Chinese institutions and individuals.
  2. The Institute shall draw together the expertise of the faculty of the university and other experts in the critical study, research and teaching of Chinese studies.
  3. The Institute shall promote linkages between Institute activities and those in the CSUN academic program concerned with China.
  4. The Institute shall seek to assist Chinese students, faculty and others seeking to establish contact with the CSUN academic community.
  5. The work of the Institute shall include the support and coordination of research and publication; special courses, seminars and lectures; the compilation of data and bibliographies; communication activities concerning Chinese studies; and other such activities as may be appropriate to the purpose of the Institute.

Academic and Educational Programs

  1. To assist CSUN faculty members to develop curriculum related to China.
  2. To develop research projects related to China.
  3. To organize educational tours to China.
  4. To sponsor and organize lectures, seminars, or workshops related to China.
  5. To sponsor exhibits and demonstrations of an educational, scientific, or technological nature.
  6. To assist Chinese education delegations in visits to the United States.
  7. To organize and sponsor short-term training programs for Chinese professionals.
  8. To provide assistance to faculty, staff, and graduates of CSU, who are interested in teaching or studying in China.
  9. To assist and facilitate Chinese scholars and students to visit and/or study at CSUN

Cultural Programs

  1. To sponsor exhibits of Chinese art works.
  2. To organize Chinese music concerts.
  3. To show Chinese films at CSUN
  4. Other Cultural Activities


  1. To act as a clearing house on CSUN campus for information related to China.
  2. To act as a liaison between the university and local communities.
  3. To act as a liaison between CSUN and other CSU campuses in matters related to Chinese affairs.
  4. To provide assistance to individuals or groups in their travel plans to China and in establishing contacts with Chinese governmental agencies, research institutes, and universities.