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Memorial Messages for Ratcliffe

From: S. K. Ramesh, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dean Ratcliffe was an educator who was ahead of his times and his leadership and contributions resonate deeply across our community – and beyond CSUN. 

He was a personal mentor of mine and continued to support our AIMS2 program as a member of the external advisory committee for many years. We recognized his service and contributions during our final monthly meeting last Thursday. 

Here is a brief message for the memorial page – and a couple of posts on SM:

Dean Ratcliffe was a dear friend and mentor to many of us in the college – faculty, staff and students, and will be sorely missed by all those who were fortunate to have known him. I am especially grateful for the love and kindness that Dolores and Dean Ratcliffe showed us when we first moved to CSUN in ’06 and pray that his soul rests in peace. They were inseparable and truly cared about everyone around them! 

The college and CSUN have lost an amazing educator, but his legacy of service and leadership lives on through the countless lives he touched. With our heartfelt condolences to Dean Ratcliffe’s family.


From: Elliot Mininberg (Lao Mi), former CSUN Vice President for administration 

A life well lived with clarity and purpose in which the many who were fortunate to work with him grew to be better individuals. It was my pleasure to know Rick as a friend and colleague. He will be remembered. 


From: Justine Zhixin Su, Ph.D., Professor of Educational Leadership at CSUN, and honorary director of CSUN China Institute

I have great respect for Dr. Ratcliffe's lifetime achievements and contributions, and the noble wishes he has made for his passing.  I still remember our (with George, Paul) visit with him in 2017, when his wife passed away.  

Dr. Ratcliffe and his wife made great contributions to developing friendship, understanding, exchange and collaboration between CSUN and China and were loving mentors and caregivers for many Chinese students and scholars at CSUN.  He also went to China as a consultant for World Bank education projects with Paul and TP.  We will always remember them.  He will continue to be a role model for all of us.


From: Dr. Paul Chow, Professor emeritus at CSUN and former director of CSUN China Institute      

Your obituary brought us sweet memories of Rick instead of tears, all those years on and off Cal State Northridge campus with Rick. The smiling face in the picture brought our brother back alive to us. We could hear him say, "Take it easy, Paul and Vera. See you soon."

Rick is a true hero, a silent fighter, and a role model for all of us.


From: Dr. Jolene Koester, the fourth president of CSUN from July 2000 through December 2011

Rick was a trailblazer in a number of important areas. CSUN was a better university because of his presence.