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Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Chinese Students and Scholars Associationby Mei Li, President of Chinese Students and Scholars Association 

Chinese Students & Scholars Association at CSUN was first established in the 1980s, and renewed in 2008. This organization is a social club that was formed by a group of ambitious and patriotic Chinese students and scholars. Currently CSUN-CSSA has over 400 members who are CSUN students and visiting scholars.  [Continue reading about Chinese Students and Scholars Association]

Great Turnout for the Exhibition and Lectures

two faculty members shaking handsby Dr. Meiqin Wang, Art

The exhibition "Tales of Our Time: Two Contemporary Artists from China" opened as scheduled between Aug. 29 and Oct. 8 in 2011 at California State University Northridge Art Galleries with a great turnout. Several members of the CSUN International Educational Council and the CSUN China Institute Executive Committee, among many faculty and administers from the university, attended the Artist Reception on Sept. 9th and visited the exhibition... (Read more)

Chinese Principal & Teacher Training Projects at CSUN

two teachersby Dr. Justine Su, ELPS and China Institute
Since spring 2011, China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), the international arm of the Chinese National Ministry of Education, and one of CSUN's education partners in China, has sent five large groups of Chinese school principals, education bureau chiefs, and special-grade teachers to CSUN for training workshops on American school reform. The China Institute and the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies have played major hosts to these distinguished education visitors... (Read more)

SNU Students and Faculty Visit CSUN Art Department

students with camerasby Dr. Kenneth Sakatani, Art

On Oct. 4 and 5, 2010, a group of Shanghai Normal University art students and faculty members from Shanghai, China, visited the CSUN Art department. The first day of their visit, the students and faculty were given a tour of the art facilities and observed CSUN art students and faculty in their various classrooms... (Read more about SNU Students and Faculty Visit CSUN Art Department)

Chinese students Attend Tseng College Seminars

group shot of Chinese delegationby Lih Wu, Tseng College of Extended Learning

The Tseng College values its relationship with Chinese universities and their students. It recognizes that China leads other countries in the number of international students seeking higher education in the United States. As part of its educational outreach, The Tseng College hosts periodic seminars at CSUN for Chinese students... (Read more about Chinese students Attend Tseng College Seminars)

Chinese Students & Scholars Association

group shot of Chinese studentsby Dr. Justine Su, ELPS and China Institute

CSUN CSSA (California State University Chinese Students & Scholars Association) was established in 2008. This organization is a social club that was formed by a group of ambitious and patriotic Chinese students and scholars. Our mission is to enhance friendship and comradeship amongst members; to carry forward Chinese cultures... (Read more about Chinese Students & Scholars Association)

Working with American Non-Profit Organizations

Dr. Su and studentby Kaixin Deng, Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Office

During my six month stay in Los Angeles, I was lucky to have the chance to work as an intern in a local non profit organization-The Valley Economic Alliance for two months, which gave me a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of the operation of non profit organizations, as well as American working environment and working culture... (Read more about Working with American Non-Profit Organizations)

We Were Deeply Touched

parade floatby Xuecheng Lu, Shanghai Government Scholar

We decided to watch the Rose Parade in Pasadena City in the New Year during our stay in LA, not only because the parade is one of the most traditional New Year celebrations in the United States, but also because we had a very special reason: Shanghai EXPO Theme Float sponsored by the American- Chinese would debut at the 121-year-old Pasadena Rose Parade... (Read more about We Were Deeply Touched)

CSUN Cements Deal to Offer Accelerated Master’s Degree With Chinese University

CSUN Cements Deal to Offer Accelerated Master’s Degree With Chinese UniversityRepresentatives from California State University, Northridge’s Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication signed an agreement last week that will allow students at Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) to complete an accelerated master’s degree in music. [Read more about Accelerated Master's Degree Agreement]

Liu Bolin-The Sociology of the Invisible Body

man standing in front of wallThrough the photographs of the performance work and sculpture of the internationally acclaimed Chinese artist Liu Bolin, this exhibition explores the interaction of art and society in contemporary China and the complex relationship between individuals and the living environment that they at once rely upon and are confined within. [Read more about the presentation]