China Institute

China Institute Advisory Committee

Director, China Institute

  • Dr. Weimin Sun

Committee Members 2017-18 

  • Andrew Weiss (Oviatt Library)
  • Besnike Saitoski (Study Abroad/IESC)
  • Jeff Zhang (Information System/DNCBE)
  • Jinyi Li (Education/MDECOE)
  • John Binkley (Tseng College of Extended Learning)
  • Junliang Huang (Humanities)
  • Lih Wu (Tseng College of Extended Learning)
  • Maosheng Miao (Science & Math)
  • Meiqin Wang (Art/MCCAMC)
  • Wei Cao (Family and Consumer Sciences/HHD)
  • Weimin Sun (Philosophy/COH)
  • Xiyi Hang (Engineering/ECS)
  • Yifei Sun (Geography/CSBS)