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The CSUN Center for Teaching and Learning is the research, collaboration, and professional development arm of the College of Education. Faculty from all of the various departments in the College of Education are conducting cutting edge research and professional development, in collaboration with K-12 teachers, administrators, and community members, to address the needs of schools. The CTL is proud to host the “Education on the Edge” speaker series annually, as well as offer free educational film screenings. We have a Speakers Bureau and provide professional development to the community, while also hosting the biennial What Really Works conference. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our upcoming activities or how we might work with you and your groups!

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April 13, 2022

T-CARE Proposal Flyer_Spring 2022

Administrators, department chairs, superintendents, and teacher educators have a critical role in setting the stage for success. As a school leader, what recommendations do you have for others? What experiences have you had that you would like to share? What programs or strategies deserve highlighting? Read more

Upcoming Education on the Edge event

April 13, 2022

on the Edge Flyer

Together, participants will view a screening of Translucent, a moving 24-minute documentary about a young adult’s gender transition journey, and a finalist for the 48th Annual Student Academy Awards. CSUN alum, Avery Fox, the subject of the documentary and creator of the film, will join a diverse panel of varying perspectives on the topic of how educators can best support transgender individuals. Q&A will be encouraged. Read more

CTL on the Cutting Edge: "Social Media Safety: Local Origins, National Impact"

April 5, 2022

CTL on the cutting Edge

The Center for Teaching and Learning is proud to present a new CTL on the Cutting Edge newsbrief. We are happy to highlight a national organization that started here close to CSUN and focuses on providing social media safety. Read the article by Marc Berkman, CEO of the Organization for Social Media Safety, on "Social Media Safety: Local Origins, National Impact". Read more


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