Center for Teaching and Learning

New Issues of TCARE and CTL on the Cutting Edge!

May 28, 2024


The CSUN Center for Teaching and Learning is proud to publish the newest edition of T-CARE (Teachers Connecting to Advance Retention and Empowerment). T-CARE is a peer-reviewed national newsletter designed to offer practical tips for pre- and in-service educators. This particular issue focused on AI.  The CTL encourages other CSUN faculty to submit their practitioner-focused articles for consideration.

We hope you will enjoy this issue and share it with as many educators and educator networks as possible. T-CARE is free and we are grateful to the Eisner Foundation and the Schools First Federal Credit Union for making that possible.

Check out other T-CARE articles from the past at Interested in writing for T-CARE? The guidelines for being a T-CARE author are on our website as well!


The Center for Teaching and Learning is also proud to present a new CTL on the Cutting Edge news brief, which focuses on  the Transdisciplinary Bridge Project.

You can read this article and find past issues on our website or grab a printed copy at the CTL!

The CTL wishes you a fun and relaxing summer!