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The CSUN Center for Teaching and Learning is the research, collaboration, and professional development arm of the College of Education. Faculty from all of the various departments in the College of Education are conducting cutting edge research and professional development, in collaboration with K-12 teachers, administrators, and community members, to address the needs of schools. The CTL is proud to host the “Education on the Edge” speaker series annually, as well as offer free educational film screenings. We have a Speakers Bureau and provide professional development to the community, while also hosting the biennial What Really Works conference. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our upcoming activities or how we might work with you and your groups!

Simulation Technology Helps Aspiring Educational Leaders Prepare for Challenging Real-Life Scenarios @ LMU.

November 30, 2022

Technology Simulation

Students in the LMU School of Education’s Institute for School Leadership and Administration (ISLA) program are getting a preview of the often-vexing scenarios they will inevitably navigate in their roles as educational leaders—even if the “people” they’re interacting with are avatars, and the setting is viewed through a computer screen, made life-like through Mixed Reality Simulation (MRS) technology. Read more


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