Center for Supramolecular Studies

Dr. Jasmeet Singh


Dr. Singh has been a highly respected full-time researcher to our department since 2006, where he is widely known for his outstanding research in the field of Phospholipids and Phospholipase Enzymology.  Specifically, Dr. Singh has been a pioneer in the use of D-enantiomers to perform surface dilution kinetics assay.  He has authored numerous journal articles and also served as journal reviewer for several prestigious internationally renowned academic publications.  Dr. Singh has been instrumental in helping CSUN obtain a major grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences to conduct cutting edge research to develop FRET and DSC based for phospholipase A and determines kinetic parameters of the enzyme. 

Dr. Singh's current research is to establish a paradigm of the interface quality effects in phospholipase membrane enzymology.  This study will have a great impact on how scientists and doctors understand cell signaling, physiochemical properties regulate lipolytic activities as well as figuring out how to alter and control these biological events in treating diseases.