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Risk and Insurance Person of the Year


  • To recognize insurance professionals who have made considerable contributions to the insurance/risk management program at CSUN.
  • To establish a long-term partnership with the insurance/risk management industry in the region.

Selection Process

  • The recipient(s) will be chosen by a Committee selected by the Director of the Center for Risk and Insurance.
  • Depending on the merit of candidates, it is anticipated that at least one award will be provided per year.
  • The recipient(s) will be recognized and awarded at a CSUN event, such as Insurance Night.


2016 Jim Taylor, Farmers Insurance Exchange

Photo of Jim Taylor2016 Person of the Year - CSUN's Center for Risk and Insurance

Jim Taylor

Chief Claims Compliance Officer

Farmers Insurance Exchange

Statement of Recognition announced by Dr. David Russell 

Visit our photo gallery for the award presentation.