Center for Risk and Insurance

  • Matadors attend the RISKWORLD conference 2024

    Matadors @ RISKWORLD - San Diego (5/6/24)

  • Six Matadors gather at RIMS Western Regional Conference in Colorado

    Six Matadors at RIMS WRC in Vail, CO (10/5/23)

  • Kelly with students 2022

    Kelly Geoghegan - Professor for A Day (3/15/22)

  • 2019 LA RIMS donated $10,000

    LA RIMS donated $10k to CSUN (12/5/19)

  • Lockton hosted CSUN Students 2019

    Lockton hosted CSUN Students (11/15/19)

  • CSUN students visited Farmers HQ 20191023

    CSUN Students visited Farmers HQ (10/23/19)

  • Matadors at CPCU Industry Day 2019

    Matadors at CPCU All-Industry Day (10/15/19)

  • Matadors in Boston - RIMS Conference

    Matadors at RIMS Conference - Boston (4/29/19)

Director's Message

David Russell

  1. I invite you to learn more about our students, faculty and outreach programs. We believe our relationships with the Greater Los Angeles Insurance/Risk Management community are our greatest asset as we build our students’ knowledge of insurance and the vital role risk management plays in today’s dynamic world of commerce.

We believe that we can support the insurance community best by preparing the future workforce with the fundamental principles underlying the insurance mechanism one student at a time. The Center supports these activities with financial and educational resources over the long haul—both before and after graduation.

So what, exactly, do we do?  Consistent with the Mission and Values of the University and David Nazarian College, the Center seeks to:


  1. Provide scholarships and promote curriculum development and the provision of innovative educational programs;
  2. Promote the professional growth and development of faculty, students, and professionals in the fields of risk and insurance;
  3. Increase communication among faculty, students, and professionals in the insurance field;
  4. Support the pursuit of scholarly projects and publications related to risk and insurance. The scope of these efforts will include theoretical, applied, and pedagogical inquiry related to the aforementioned areas of study;  and
  5. Serve as an educational resource for the students and faculty at CSUN.

Thank for you interest in our Center—we hope you will reach out to us if you have any questions.


David T. Russell, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Risk and Insurance
Professor of Insurance and Finance