Center for Geographical Studies

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The Center employees 5 full-time staff including the director, a project manager, 2 GIS analysts and a full-time GIS developer. Personnel also include a graphics manager/cartographer, a technical manager and various faculty advisors, including the Co-Director Dr. Regan Maas.  Most importantly, our interns, research assistants and graduate research assistants represent students and recent graduates from both the local area and international community. 

Danielle Bram, Director

Dr. Regan Maas / Associate Director

Regan MaasRegan Maas / Associate Director, CGS/Associate Professor

Office Location: Sierra Hall, Room 130-F
Office Phone: (818) 677-3515

Research Interest: GIS, Health, Medical, Spatial Demography, Urban

Joel Osuna /Project Manager

Joel Osuna

Office Location: Matador Bookstore Complex #200
Office Phone: (818) 677-3524

Maria Guzman / GIS Analyst

Kevin Ryan / GIS Analyst

Dr. Soheil Boroushaki / Faculty Advisement Team

Soheil BoroushakiSoheil Boroushaki / Assistant Professor-Graduate Advisor

Office Location: Sierra Hall, Room 130-B
Office Phone: (818) 677-4715

Research Interest: GIS, Multicriteria Decision Analysis, Location Theory & Analysis, Spatial Support System


Dr. Craig Olwert / Faculty Advisement Team

Professor Craig OlwertCraig Olwert / Assistant Professor

Office Location: Sierra Hall 220B
Office Phone: (818) 677-2881


David Deis / Graphics Manager-Cartographer

David Deis

Office: Sierra Hall, Room 150-C
Phone: (818) 677-3509

Jason Mejia / Technical Manager

Jason Mejia

Information Technology Consultant
Office: Sierra Hall, Room 105-D
Phone: (818) 677-5647