Center for Cancer and Developmental Biology

  • Dr. Oppenheimer and student


Stan Metzenberg, Aida Metzenberg, Sean Murray, Lisa Banner, Maria Elena Zavala, Rheem Medh, Randy Cohen, Cindy Malone, Maria-Patricia Stein…some associates who serve as reviewers for Center affiliated international journal.

Mindy Berman, Alvalyn Lundgren and Helen Chun are associate editors of Center affiliated Library of Congress listed K-12 journal now on the worldwide web.

Larry Allen, Mary-Patricia Stein, Jerry Stinner, William Krohmer, Linda Gharakhanian, Vickie Everhart, Cherie Hawthorne, Terri Richardson, Sarah Cohen, Y.C. Tung, Parthenia Hosch, Julie Doubt, Marc Felix, some college and department supporters.

President Harrison and Provost Hellenbrand, incoming Provost Li, Carmen Chandler and Hailey Graves, Crist Khachikian, Robert Gunsalus, Hedy Carpenter, Scott Perez, Andrew Weiss, Elizabeth Altman, Barbara  Caganich, some university supporters.

Nancy Bentov, Greg Zem, Terri Miller, Darshana Shah, Aphrodite  Antoniou, Dominique Evans-Bye, Stacy Tanaka, David Gaughen, some Los Angeles Unified School District supporters.