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University Courses

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Office of Undergraduate Studies

  • UNIV 060 Supplemental Instruction
  • Coordinator: Karen Abramowitz
  • Bayramian Hall (BH) 417
  • 818-677-2033
  • UNIV 100 Freshman Seminar
  • Director: Cheryl Spector
  • Sierra Hall (SH) 440
  • 818-677-3932

Course List

UNIV 060. Supplemental Instruction (1)
Supplemental Instruction is an academic assistance program designed to help students master difficult course material in historically challenging classes. Students participate in a series of weekly peer-facilitated small group study sessions that focus on learning strategies and problem solving skills specific to the corresponding lecture course. Students enroll in University 60 for one-unit, non-baccalaureate credit.
UNIV 100. Freshman Seminar (3)
This course introduces first-time freshmen to the university as an institution, a culture, and an intellectual experience. Academic success is the central goal of the course. Topics include academic skills (writing, reading, note-taking, test-taking, and information competence, as well as critical, analytic, and creative thinking); the value of higher education; the history and culture of CSUN; lifelong learning; the discourse of higher education; ethics and responsibility; diversity in higher education; advisement; health; and self-assessment. Weekly writing assignments; frequent in-class exercises; some on-campus field trips. (Available for General Education, Lifelong Learning) (IC)