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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Departments of the College

Information about the following departments can be found alphabetically in this Catalog: Deaf Studies, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Educational Psychology and Counseling, Elementary Education, Secondary Education and Special Education.


Undergraduate Degrees Offered:

  • B.A., Deaf Studies (see Deaf Studies section)

Graduate Degrees Offered:

  • M.A., Education with Specializations:
  • Educational Administration
  • Educational Psychology
  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Special Education
  • M.S., Counseling
  • Ed.D., Educational Leadership

Credential Programs:

Undergraduate Credentials Offered:

  • Education Specialist, Preliminary Credential
  • Multiple Subject
  • Single Subject

Post-Baccalaureate Credentials Offered:

  • Administrative Services, Tier I
  • Administrative Services, Tier II
  • Education Specialist, Preliminary Credential
  • Education Specialist, Level II
  • Multiple Subject
  • Reading/Language Arts Specialist
  • School Counseling
  • School Psychology
  • Single Subject

Certificate Programs:

California Certificate Programs Offered:

  • Elementary Education
  • Reading
  • Special Education
  • Resource Specialist

University Certificate Programs Offered:

  • Educational Psychology and Counseling
  • Career Development or Career Education and Counseling
  • College Counseling and Student Services
  • Infant-Toddler-Family Mental Health
  • Instructional Design and Adult Development
  • Parent Child Specialization/Consultation
  • Special Education
  • Educational Therapy
  • Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs /Birth to 5 Years

Centers and Service Areas in the College

Center for Educational Intervention and Therapy (CEIT)

Director: Nancy Burstein (818) 677-2596

Center for Partnerships for Educational Reform

Director: Bronte Reynolds (818) 677-7856

Center for Professional Development and Educational Outreach

Director: Bonnie Ericson (818) 677-2580

Center for Research and Innovation in Elementary Education

Director: David Kretschmer (818) 677-2621

Center in Educational Psychology and Counseling

Director: Shari Tarver-Behring (818) 677-2599

Mitchell Family Counseling Clinic

Director: Michael Laurent

Coordinator: Donna Pioli (818) 677-2568

Center for Teaching and Learning

Director: Richard L. Goldman (818) 677-7494

Administrative Coordinator: Marcia Rea

Teaching, Learning and Counseling (TLC) Consortium

Acting Director: Michael Spagna (818) 677-8522

Administrative Coordinator: Tina Stamper

Family Focus Resource and Empowerment Center (FFREC)

Director: Lashonna Goodman (818) 677-5575

Institute for the Advancement of Educational Studies and Programs

Director: Michael E. Spagna (818) 677-2590

Special Education Institute for Research, Innovation and Teaching (SPIRIT)

Director: Deaf Studies Chair (818) 677-5116

The Valley Trauma Center

Director: Shari Tarver-Behring (818) 677 2601

24-HR Hotline (818) 886-0453

Grants and Public Partnerships

CSUN/LAUSD Apprentice Program

Coordinators: Sally Spencer and Phyllis Gudoski (818) 677 2596

Assessment & Accountability for Teacher Education Program

Director: Jonah Schlackman

CAIP - California State University Intern Program in Special Education

Co-Directors: Nancy Burstein and Sue Sears (818) 677-2517

CSUN/LAUSD Multiple Subject University Internship Credential Program

Director: Irene Cota (818) 677-7893

CSUN National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Director: Virginia Kennedy

Culture in Early Childhood Special Education

Directors: Deborah Chen and Michele Haney (818) 677-4604

Early Assessment Program

Coordinator: Jerry Nader (818) 677-2590


Coordinator: Jerry Nader (818) 677-2590

Improving Teacher Quality

Director: Ivan Cheng (818) 6791

Law Related Education for Sign Language Interpreter Educators and Deaf Community Liaisons

Director: Vacant (818) 677-4973 V/TDD

Los Angeles Times Literacy Center

Director: Connie White (818) 677-3333

Math/Science Initiative

Coordinator: Jerry Nader (818) 677-2590

Northwestern Los Angeles County Rape Crisis Center

Director: Charles Hanson (818) 677-4013

Orfalea Initiative

Director: Nancy Burstein (818) 677 2596

Project Change: A Partnership to Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders

Directors: Deborah Leidner and Richard Castallo (818) 677-2528

Single Subject University Intern Program

Directors: Carolyn Burch and Jan Eckmier (818) 677-2224

Transdisciplinary Teacher Development Program

Director: Wendy Murawski, Coordinator: Sally Spencer (818) 677-2596

College Mission

The primary mission of the Michael D. Eisner College of Education is to prepare teachers, counselors, administrators, and other professionals to serve the diverse educational needs of the region. To fulfill this mission, faculty: design, deliver, and continually improve highly effective programs for pre-professionals through advanced graduate and professional levels; promote and are influenced by the reciprocal relationship between scholarship and practice; collaborate with colleagues across the campus and in other professional and community settings as partners in the mission; and provide leadership in teaching, learning, assessment, and professional development for diverse community within and outside the University. In all of these endeavors, creativity and excellence of practice is rewarded, the potential of all learners is recognized, and critical inquiry and reflection are valued.

Course List

Courses in the various departments within the Michael D. Eisner College of Education are listed separately.