Student Assistant Work-Study Salary Schedule

Effective January 1, 2024, the California Minimum wage increased to $16.00 per hour.  The new hourly salary range is:

Minimum: $16.00         Maximum: $24.00

Work-Study information for managers can be found at Financial Aid Basics / Work-Study.

The four different levels of Student Assistant work at CSUN are described broadly below. Hiring departments, colleges, and/or divisions are advised to keep the level and type of work and experience required in mind when setting an appropriate salary rate.

Student Assistant I:

Student employees assigned to Level I positions work under immediate supervision. This means that the methods of performing tasks are well established and outlined or explained in specific terms. Assistance and/or guidelines are readily available if a problem occurs and work assignments typically involve standardized duties. The supervisor has responsibility for the assignment of work, the flow of work, production level, and provisions of proper instructions. Employees follow prescribed steps and refer unusual situations to a supervisor. Jobs that are assigned to this class do not require independent judgment, analysis, or decision making skills, and no previous experience or education is required.

Student Assistant II:

Jobs assigned to Level II work under general supervision. This means that definite work objectives are set for the employee but methods of performing the tasks are frequently left to the judgment of the employee with occasional instruction or advice provided by the supervisor. The frequency of review by the supervisor depends on the difficulty and complexity of the assignment or on the impact or result of the work performed. While the supervisor is again responsible for the general assignment of work, less control may be exercised over the flow for work and instructions given may be more general in nature. The employee is responsible for the results of the work. Jobs assigned to this level usually require some previous experience, education, or specialized skill.

Student Assistant III:

Jobs assigned to Level III receive general supervision, as described for Level II; however, the jobs involve a broad variety of skilled tasks which require previous experience, education, or specialized skills. Frequently, jobs at this level will include the responsibility for coordinating the work of lower-level student employees or the application of independent judgment and decision making. Jobs at this level should be those which require a significant amount of previous education or experience or those which work most independently with considerable authority for independent action.

Student Assistant IV:

Student employees assigned to Level IV positions receive limited supervision necessary to complete highly complex assignments which enhance the educational objectives of the department, the student population, or the academic research of the department or college. The objectives of assignments are defined by the supervisor and the methodology may or may not be prescribed; however, the nature of the methodology or the analysis of the process or results is designed and managed by the employee. Jobs at this level require specialized knowledge and previous experience, or the student has successfully demonstrated the ability to perform the judgment and skilled assignments representative of his/her field of study. The work is neither routine nor narrow in its scope of responsibility. The work is normally matched to the student's course of study at the senior or graduate level and the student is able to relate to students, faculty, administration, and staff in the performance of the assignments. Student employees at this level may direct the work of others and/or may be required to consult with others on and off campus. The work may require completion of the project/assignment from the initial concept through implementation and evaluation.