Hiring Manager's FAQ's

1. Why do I get an e-mail to approve a job offer or opening, and there is not a job offer or opening pending my approval in the system, or I get an error message?

The system automatically generates an e-mail when a job needing approval has been escalated to you. You may have been assigned a dynamic approval role by the system in order to approve a job offer or opening. If an approval is entered prior to the process completion, you could receive an error message indicating "You are not authorized to access this component (40,20)."  If this happens, please re-enter your approval after thirty minutes have elapsed.

2. When will I receive my first set of applications?

The first set of applications is reviewed after the initial review date indicated on the job posting. Applications that meet the minimum qualifications will be routed to the designated department recruiter identified in Recruiting Solutions.

3. Do I need to review all applications sent to me?

All applications routed in the initial review date period that have met the minimum qualifications require review by the hiring department. If the hiring department determines that a sufficient amount of qualified applications have been routed following the initial review date, it is highly encouraged to have the posting removed from the CSUN careers page to ensure no additional applications will be routed.

4. How many applicants do I need to interview?

Recruitment Services recommends interviewing at least 3 viable candidates to ensure a broader range of characteristics are evaluated and compared to secure the best hire for the job. If there aren’t 3 viable candidates, then at least 1 must be interviewed before the job offer process can commence.

5. Who needs to review the applications?

All applications routed in the initial review period must be considered. The initial review of the applications may be conducted by a designated person in the hiring department who then forwards the top qualified applicants to the committee members for further review.

6. How many people need to be on the interview committee? Can it just be one person?

The purpose of the Selection Committee is to bring a variety of perspectives and insight to the interview process. Recruitment Services recommends that the committee is comprised of at least three members. When a Selection Committee is utilized for a position within bargaining units 4 or 6, a Collective Bargaining Unit member shall serve on the Committee. Selection Committees are formed to evaluate the applicant pool, determine which candidates will participate in the interview process, and, actively conduct the interviews.

7. Who maintains all of the interview records? Does HR need a set of the questions? How long do they need to remain on file for?

The hiring department should maintain all records related to the search for a period of 3 year from the completion of the search. Recruitment Services does not require a copy of the questions asked in the interview process, but ask that the records be available for review in case of inquiry.

8. When do I perform reference checks? How many references do I need to check?

Reference checks are generally conducted on a top candidate(s) after campus interviews. The hiring supervisor must obtain a minimum of one successful reference check for the final candidate before submitting the job offer.  For further information, please view the “Verifying Employment History / Conducting Reference Checks” guide found on the Careers@CSUN web page, on the right hand side of the page, under “Hiring Managers’ Resource Center”. 

9. Is there an appointment letter you can send to our selected candidate?

Offer of employment letters are usually sent for management positions only.