Posting Micro-Internships

Internship Guidelines

CSUN has partnered with Parker Dewey to offer Micro-Internships. Parker Dewey developed the Micro-Internship concept 5 years ago. Both CSUN and Parker Dewey believe Micro-Internships are a way to bridge the gap from college and career. 

Micro-Internships are short-term projects typically between 20 and 40 hours in length. These projects are paid and suitable for current college students or recent graduates. 

It’s quick and easy to create a profile about your organization and post projects. You start by registering with Parker Dewey. You can choose to browse the project library and sample projects before posting. 

All projects are paid on average $15-20/hour, and each project is individually vetted by the Parker Dewey to make sure that it is appropriate for college students/recent grads and compensated fairly.  Companies are invoiced by project and are not required to post a minimum number of projects. Students are paid in full at the conclusion of each project.

Opportunities are posted for free, and 90% of what the companies pays goes directly to the student. Students become independent contractors of Parker Dewey who manages the administrative burden of the Micro-Internship including legal, payroll, and onboarding. See more details regarding flexible staffing solutions.

These projects offer employers access to students who are currently challenged to engage in traditional internships.  These may include student athletes or non-traditional students who may be unable to complete a summer internship. In reality, most students cannot afford to participate in unpaid internships while in college. These Micro-Internships provide opportunities for a diverse population of students.

Use this link to register and post Micro-Internships.