Matty's Closet

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Welcome to Matty’s Closet

Matty's Closet is open only through appointments.

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 For Questions Contact Us: (818) 677-2385 or send us an email at



Hours & Events

Matty's Closet is currently open on an appointment basis. To schedule an appointment, please refer to the link below. Donations can be delivered to the fourth floor of Bayramian Hall from Monday to Friday.

Appointment Link:

How It Works:

  • Matty’s Closet is only available through appointment.
  • Please call the Career Center for hours at 818-677-2385 or email us at | **Hours may vary.

Matty's Closet Mission

Assistant DirectorPatricia Gaynor had the vision to assist students with their professional outfits. She wanted to provide a resource at the Career Center, where professional clothing was accessible to students. She is also passionate about the "how-to" of dressing professionally.

Every student that visits the Closet is provided with an outfit and tips on how to dress professionally.