Labor Trends

Labor Trends

What’s trending in the world of work? Stay ahead of national and global economic trends. View statistics and projections that can help you make decisions and compete for jobs and internships.

What Will You Be Paid in Your First Job After Graduation?

Starting salary depends on many things, including type, size, and location of the organization and experience of the job candidate.

As an example, a new graduate in computer engineering could choose among a wide range of industries. While the projected average starting salary is $62,553, a new grad choosing to work in the utilities industry is projected to receive an average starting salary of $69,250. That same graduate would find the projected average starting salary for someone who enters finance, insurance, and real estate industries is $64, 875.

A business graduate in the Northeast is projected to receive $46,374. In the Southeast, that same grad would get $49,830, $50,722 in the Midwest, and $52,096 in the West.

You can get a more detailed look at projected starting salaries by contacting your school's career center.

Here are some of the projected starting salaries for Class of 2015 graduates by discipline.

Broad Category 2015 Average Salary
Engineering $62,998
Computer Science $61,287
Math & Sciences $56,171
Business $51,508
& Natural Resources
Healthcare $50,839
Communications $49,395
Social Sciences $49,047
Humanities $45,042

Data Set

Top-Paid Engineering Majors

Major Average Starting Salary
Petroleum Engineering $72,063
Chemical Engineering $69,778
Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering $67,603
Mining and Mineral Engineering $65,398
Computer Engineering $64,155
Mechanical Engineering $63,532
Industrial Engineering $63,104

Top-Paid Business Majors

Major Average Starting Salary
Management Information Systems & Services $54,467
Business/Managerial Economics $54,415
Construction Management $54,212
Finance and Financial Management Services $53,143
Accounting and Related Services $51,310
International Business $49,827
Business Administration, Mgmt. & Operations $46,653

Top-Paid Math and Science Majors

Major Average Starting Salary
Mathematics/statistics $54,485
Physics1 $53,045
Geology/geological sciences1 $46,029
Chemistry $41,407
Environmental science $36,512
Biology/biological sciences $35,823

Top-Paid Social Sciences Majors

Major Average Starting Salary
Economics $46,766
Political science $40,908
Psychology $35,108
Criminal justice & corrections $34,711
Sociology $34,441
Social work1 $49,827

Top-Paid Humanites Majors

Major Average Starting Salary
Liberal Arts/General Studies $50,116
History $37,957
Foreign Languages & Literature $37,883
Visual & Performing Arts $36,041
English Language & Literature $34,702

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