On-Campus Interviews (OCIs)

On-Campus Interviews (OCIs) are a convenient and simple way to hold your first-round interviews. Using our online system, you can schedule your interviews, post jobs and select students online. On the date of your interviews, your recruiters will arrive at the Career Center and be able to interview each student in one of our interview rooms.

The Career Center currently has up to two (2) recruiting rooms available per day. Rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Full day, morning and afternoon schedules are available. Interviews generally run from 9am - 4:30pm with an hour break for lunch; schedules can be adjusted as needed. Please note that the Career Center closes at 4:00pm Fridays.

We highly recommend that you attend a Career Fair prior to your OCIs. Career Fairs and Information Sessions are both excellent ways to increase your visibility on campus and meet students looking for jobs/internships.

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On-Campus Interview Instructions

Other than the interviews themselves, the OCI process is entirely online: employers schedule, attach job postings, view applicant resumes and select candidates online, after which point the students schedule their interviews online.

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Questions about Information Sessions?

Odette Fullum
On Campus Interview Coordinator
CSUN Career Center
(818) 677-5560