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Campus Budget FAQ Archive - February 18, 2014

Campus Budget FAQ Archive - Posted May 14, 2013 / Archived Feb. 18, 2014

2014-15 State and CSU Budgets

* Q: What is anticipated for the 2014-15 budget?

* UPDATED 11/7/13: The CSU Board of Trustees approved its 2014-15 budget ask on November 6, 2013, which requests that the Governor and Legislature provide an additional $237.6 million in state funding to the CSU for the upcoming fiscal year. The expenditure plan focuses on funding to meet increasing enrollment demand, augmentations for student success and completion initiatives, and a modest compensation increase.

The budget plan would bring the CSU’s annual support budget to approximately $4.6 billion. If fully funded, the 2014-15 expenditure plan also assumes no tuition fee increase, marking the third consecutive year that tuition fee rates would remain at the same level.

Specific expenditure increases include:

  • 5% Enrollment Demand – $79.2 million
  • Augmentations for student success and completion – $50.0 million
  • Financing maintenance and infrastructure needs – $15.0 million
  • Mandatory costs (health benefits, new space) – $13.7 million
  • Compensation increase (3 percent “pool”) – $91.6 million
  • Center for California Studies—cost increases – 0.2 million

More information about the proposed CSU 2014-15 support budget can be found here.


2013-14 State and CSU Budgets

Q: What is anticipated for the 2013-14 budget?

7/2/13:President Harrison shared with the campus community the July 2, 2013 CSU Employee Update, issued by the Chancellor's Office following Governor Brown's signing of the 2013-14 state budget.

5/14/13: Governor Brown's May Revision of the 2013-14 budget was released May 14, 2013. The May Revision continues to propose an additional $125.1 million in state funding for the CSU and also maintains reinstating $125 million that was cut from last year's budget and was due to be reimbursed in this year's budget following the successful passage of Proposition 30. Overall, the proposed state support for the CSU is $2.3 billion. The proposal also states that the Governor will work with the state colleges and universities, the legislature and other stakeholders on a framework that would link future budget augmentations to performance-related measures.

At their March board meeting, CSU Trustees reviewed an expenditure plan based on the proposed funding that addresses three major areas of need - student access and success, faculty and staff compensation, and mandatory costs. The CSU Board of Trustees will discuss additional details of this expenditure plan and the revised budget proposal at their upcoming May board meeting.

5/1/13: The CSU's budget plan—focused on student access and success, faculty and staff compensation, and mandatory costs—was presented to the Board of Trustees in March as a proposal for how to align spending with the governor's proposed budget.

Gov. Brown's budget includes an additional $125.1 million for the CSU, $10 million of which is earmarked for technology to address "bottleneck" courses. The CSU's plan prioritizes funding for its most pressing needs, including:

  • $21.7 million to address unprecedented enrollment demand, which will allow approximately 6,000 additional students to attend the CSU
  • $7.2 million for student access and success initiatives to reduce time to degree, close the achievement gap and improve graduation rates
  • $38 million for a modest compensation pool to recognize the work of faculty and staff
  • $48.2 million for mandatory costs, including increased CSU costs for employee health benefits, operation and maintenance of new space, and energy costs.

1/10/13: The CSU has issued a press release regarding the Governor's Proposed $125.1 Million Budget Investment for the California State University.