Campus Budget News

Budget Developments 6/2009

June 25, 2009 

Dear faculty and staff:

There have been several recent developments that may raise questions and concerns on campus. These include a recent vote by two unions—the California State University Employee Union and the Academic Professionals of California—to agree to discuss the concept of furloughs to help deal with the projected CSU budget cut. In addition, you may have heard the California State Controller announce that unless a budget or other plan is in place by July 2, the state will have to begin issuing IOUs to pay its bills.

As part of the University’s effort to keep everyone informed about these issues and how they may directly affect Cal State Northridge, we have updated the FAQ at the Campus Budget News website. You will see that the furlough and IOU questions have been added, and others as well.

As a reminder, the URL for the Campus Budget News site, from which the FAQ is directly accessible, is/campusbudgetnews. There is a direct link to this website on the main page of CSUN’s website. The link notes the date of the most recent update so that users know when new information has been added.

The President recently attended a meeting with the Chancellor and her fellow CSU presidents and reports that, at this time, there are no significant new developments related to the budget, nor have any decisions been made. While Sacramento continues to debate how to close the $24 billion deficit, the CSU Board of Trustees will meet on July 7 to discuss a general plan for addressing the estimated $584 million budget cut and again on July 21 to adopt specific budget actions based on the most current information known.

We will continue to provide you with updates through both direct communications and the Campus Budget News website

Tom McCarron
Vice President for Administration and Finance and CFO