Oviatt Library

Lunch with Author Christina Rice

Friday, April 17, 2015 - 11:30am

Orange Grove Bistro

The Friends of the Oviatt Library invite you to join us for a swell buffet luncheon as we take a gander at an ace presentation by Christina Rice Author and Senior Librarian of the Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection.

The popular view of women in the years following World War II was that of homemakers like television's Donna Reed and June Cleaver maintaining picture perfect households in suburban settings. In many cases this was the primary role assumed by women of the era, but it wasn't the only one. Christina Rice will gives us the skinny on the changing roles of women through the lens of the LAPL Valley Times image archive. 

Read more about Christina Rice in the L.A. Times article:Great Read - 'How Fast it Grew': Old Photos of Valley's Birth and Boom.

Please RSVP using the Defining Their Identities flyer  by April 14.