Graduate Programs in Business

MBA Fall 2013 Schedule of Classes

Foundation Courses          
Course NameFacultyDayTimeRoom                                                                                                   
12614ACCT 501MBA Financial AccountingKiani-Aslani, RajabaliM7:00 - 9:45           JH1210                                                                                                                                                                   
12760BLAW 508MBA Law in the Business Environment                                                              CANCELLED
-ECON 500MBA Survey of EconomicsNot offered in Fall semester---
-GBUS 502Seminar in Managerial Finance/AccountingNot offered in Fall semester---
-SOM 591Stochastics and Stochastic Models for ManagersNot offered in Fall semester---
Class#Core CoursesCourse NameFacultyDayTimeRoom                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
12634GBUS 600Analysis of Contemporary OrganizationsCours, DeborahT7:00 - 9:45TBA
12622ECON 600Economics of StrategyGifford, AdamR7:00 - 9:45JH1206
12599FIN 635Financial Theory and PolicyChiu, Hsin-HuiM7:00 - 9:45JH 1206
12600IS 628Computer-based Management Information SystemsGray, GlenM7:00 - 9:45JH1119
12627MGT 620Behavior in OrganizationsMoore, RichardR6:00 - 9:45JH1123
12608MKT 640Marketing SeminarDeshields, OscarW7:00 - 9:45JH1127
12584SOM 686Seminar in Internationally Competitive Operations ManagementAsef-Vaziri, ArdavanW7:00 - 9:45JH 1230
12626MGT 693Seminar in Strategic ManagementGreen, SandyT7:00 - 9:45JH1129
Class#Elective CoursesCourse NameFacultyDayTimeRoom
12909FIN 638MBA Portfolio ManagementCovrig, VicentiuM7:00 - 9:45JH1204
13067MGT 635Human Resource ManagementRubino, CristinaR6:00 - 9:45JH1123
13054MGT 668Special TopicsRossy, GerardT7:00 - 9:45JH1127
Class#Culminating ExperienceCourse NameFacultyDayTimeRoom
12938GBUS 697GComprehensive ExamCours, DeborahW6:30 - 9:45TBA
12937GBUS 698AMBA Consulting Graduate ProjectCours, DeborahT6:30 - 9:45TBA
GBUS 600 -
Analysis of Contemporary Organizations
This class  requires  2 Saturday meetings:
Saturday, TBD,from 8:30 amto 4:30pm.
MGT 620 - Behavior in Organizations
This class meets theFIRST 8 weeks of the semester: 08/26 - 10/17/2013.
This class has one FRIDAY meeting on September 6, from 6:00pm to 10:00pm.
This class has one all-day Saturday meeting on September 7, from 9:00am to 5:00pm.
Both the Friday and Saturday classes meet in JH4117.
MGT 635 - Human Resource Management
Prerequisites: MGT 620. Provides students with a basic knowledge of the key aspects of managing an organization’s most important resource— people.
Covers major human resource theories, concepts, practices, and related skills. Students will learn about key human resource management practices such as workforce planning, employment relations, and employee retention.
This class meets the SECOND 8 weeks of the semester: 10/24 - 12/10/2013.
This class has one FRIDAY meeting on November 8, from 6:00pm to 9:45pm.
This class has one all-day Saturday meeting on  October 26, from 9:00am to 5:00pm.